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8 Travel Vloggers You Need to Watch

Our travel may be on hold but our ability to daydream most certainly is NOT! We’re often asked where we get the inspiration for some of our trips. Travel vlogs play a huge role in that. Today I’m sharing eight favorite travel vloggers that you need to watch!

Through vloggers we get a better feel for what sights at a location will be of interest to us. We also learn about the timing of festivals, unusual shops/restaurants, and other unique experiences. Who needs Netflix on the weekend when you could be checking out these videographers instead?

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Cancun: Not Just for Spring Breakers!

When you think of Cancun, you likely think about all-inclusive resorts, tequila shots and the Spring Breaks of your past. But there is more to the Yucatán Peninsula than sunburn and Senor Frogg’s! Today I’m sharing two, not necessarily hidden but perhaps underexplored, gems in this region.

Punta Sur

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