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New York City for First Timers & Friendship Friday #5

Today I wake up in the city that never sleeps!  Natty Guy and I flew in yesterday to meet his mother and our 16 year old nephew for the weekend. My mother-in-law has a tradition of taking each grandchild on a cruise the summer after they turn 16 and this year is the youngest of the four’s turn.  When she realized the trip left from NY area she thought it would be a great opportunity for this child to see the city but was worried about the stamina a quick visit might take, so called us in for reinforcements.  This will be a surprise for our nephew!

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Trip Tales: Savannah & Hyatt Free Night at the Andaz

What is it about the South that’s so enchanting?  The pervasive scent of marsh? The amazing food? The slow and elegant pace of life?  The thick, sultry air?

Last week we visited family in South Carolina for the July 4th holiday. Natty Guy had to work Wednesday afternoon and we had a Hyatt free night certificate (categories 1-4) to burn so we decided to spend our last day in Savannah at the Andaz hotel, a Hyatt category 4 property.  He was able to work in the quiet and air-conditioned comfort of the room while I stayed cool by splashing around poolside.

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My $5 Secret for Packing Like a Pro & Friendship Friday Link-up #2

This week we took an impromptu 4 day trip to South Carolina to attend a family member’s annual July 4th party and visit with other relatives.  We also spent one night in Savannah at the Andaz with a Hyatt free night certificate, which I’ll review in a separate post.  As summer is a prime time for a getaway, I thought I’d share with you my packing technique and $5 secret for packing like a pro!

The Pack Like a Pro Technique

Initially addressed in this post, below is a more detailed demonstration of my heavily road tested packing method.

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