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The UK for First Time Visitors – A Trip Fit for a Royal!

Finally, Harry & Meghan’s big weekend is upon us!  Do you plan on watching the festivities tomorrow?   Not sure I’ll get up early for it but you can be certain I’ll check it out on replay.

While the royal wedding and the arrival of Prince Louis have dominated headlines this year, interest in UK travel has surged.  For those unaccustomed to foreign travel, it’s a perfect starting point.  There is no language barrier and culture shock is minimal.  However, there are enough differences and quirks to make it feel like a “foreign” experience.  So rich in history, the UK is also a wonderful place for repeat travelers.

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Travel Essentials for Spring Break and Beyond

It’s the time of year when lots of people are heading out for spring breaks or even eagerly awaiting the end of the school year for their summer vacations.  With that in mind, I though I would share a few of my travel essentials – items that I pack that make a trip either more enjoyable or easier.

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Trip Tales: Portugal

This past September Natty Guy and I traveled to Portugal.  It’s an on-trend destination for travelers right now and we personally decided to visit after two young relatives each spent a semester abroad in Europe and both proclaimed it their favorite place in Europe.

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