Belize It or Not? Your Ultimate Belize Travel Guide

For our winter getaway this year we decided to check out Belize as it’s known for both diving and adventure travel – two things we love! Wanting the share the experience, we met up with some long-time former Ohioan friends as well as new friends that we met while in Cozumel two years ago.

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Trip Planning Good to Know:

  • The official language of Belize is English.
  • While there is a Belizean dollar, the US dollar is accepted everywhere and the exchange rate is a very easy to calculate $1 BZD to $0.50 USD.
  • The sun is strong and it can be buggy during certain times of the year so bring plenty of reef safe sunscreen and bug spray with you. Consumer goods on the Cayes can be costly as everything must be shipped in.
  • Belize is super, super casual. You won’t need anything dressier than a nice sundress or short/top combo. I promise!
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Dinner Party Dazzler: Whole Fish Cooked in Salt

Foodie readers, this post is for you! Squeamish readers, consider this your warning. Today we’re talking about whole fish cooked in salt. Why? Because it’s:

  • Super, super easy;
  • Results in a delicious, perfectly cooked fish; and
  • Makes for an incredible presentation that will fool your dinner party guests into thinking you’re an innovative and accomplished chef!
Whole Fish Cooked in Salt | Salt Baked Fish | Red Snapper Recipe | Branzino Recipe

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How to Get Your Best Self-Tanner Tan Ever

Sundresses. Sandals. Swimsuits. Just a few of the things lurking right around the corner. By now we all know the saying “There’s no such thing as a healthy tan.” But some of us (Natty Gal included) just LOOK better with a bit of a tan.

My natural complexion is not like bone china or peaches & cream. It’s just pale and splotchy. And while I know the REAL sun is bad for me, I like the way I look much more with a sun-kissed glow. Enter self-tanners.

Today I’m sharing a few tips and tricks for getting the best, most natural looking tan you can using self-tanners. You’ll get the look of the rays without all the wrinkles!

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