5 Tips to Help Create a Memorable Vacation

Planning ensures that you’ll accommodate multiple family members’ interests, will see the highlights, and make good use of your time. But, how do you go about making a vacation unique and meaningful?

In today’s post, I’m sharing five tips that will help you create a memorable vacation for yourself or your friends and family!

Create a Memorable Vacation
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A Light & Refreshing Dessert for Summer

You may recall that we recently took a Thai cooking class at our local Sur la Table store. One of the recipes we made was a light & refreshing dessert just perfect for the summer months! This Coconut-Lime Sorbet is easy and oh, so delicious. Try it for Mother’s Day or any of your upcoming summer events.

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How to Look GREAT in Wide-Leg Pants

For the last few months, my prior posts on how to wear wide-leg pants have been on fire! It’s clearly a topic that is resonating with people as summer approaches. So today I’m going to consolidate all the best tips for how to look great in wide-leg pants.

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