About Natty Gal

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Cultivating a simple, stylish and satisfying life.

About Natty Gal

Through Natty Gal, I hope to share with readers the tips and tricks I’ve learned for creating a simple, stylish and satisfying life.  So what does that mean, you ask?  In brief, I interpret these as:

SIMPLE: Eliminating both physical and emotional clutter/noise from one’s life.  It’s not exactly minimalism but more a careful cultivation that emphasizes focus on what is most important to YOU!

STYLISH: That’s easy!  How to look great even when you GO SIMPLE.  Core closet pieces to own.  Trends to incorporate and stay fresh.  When to save, when to splurge.

SATISFYING: Now this is where things really get fun!  It’s the good stuff.  Whatever adds meaning to your life; be it good food/wine, travel, volunteering, fitness, friendships and so on.

My Background


An interest in fashion developed at a fairly young age and a Fashion Merchandising degree became my goal when I set out for Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.  On the recommendation of family and friends I switched to a Business/Marketing degree as a more versatile option.  Fast forward some years and I found myself working, not in fashion, but in healthcare consulting, eyes blurred by spreadsheets and PowerPoint.  In early 2014, a side gig with then startup Keaton Row materialized and, wow, did it reignite my interest in fashion!  I loved working with new clients and helping them discover and feel great about their personal style.  Having a creative counterpoint to my highly analytical day job was a great perk too. From there, I went on to roll out this blog!


Addicted to personal development.  Always on a quest to learn.  Lover of new experiences.  Enjoy fitness, cooking, great wines, outdoors, friendships, reading, athletic pursuits, entertaining, volunteering, homemaking.  Proud to be from Northeast Ohio.  Cherish my amazing, supportive husband and my loving Bichon Frise-Poodle mix Pucci!

NOTE: Sadly, we lost our beloved Pucci on April 20, 2018.  See post.


My parents loved to travel and exposed me to countless opportunities from a young age.  Whether on a trip to Disneyland or conflict-struck Venezuela, they instilled in me the notion that life experienced first hand is the greatest teacher.  As an adult, the wanderlust bug stayed with me.  In recent years I’ve had fun experimenting with amateur travel hacking because the only thing better than traveling is doing it for free, right?

Natty Gal, CLE blogger, Cleveland blogger, midwest blogger, Ohio blogger, CLEstyle
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Caution: This blog, like me, is a work-in-progress.  It may contain references to any of the topics above but certainly won’t be limited to the same!

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Natty Gal, CLE blogger, Cleveland blogger, midwest blogger, Ohio blogger, CLEstyle