Celebrating Ohio Wine Month at Michael Angelo’s Winery!

Rosé all day, white at night or red instead? No matter your preference, you’re going to want to visit some Ohio wineries in June because it’s Ohio Wine Month! And did you know that Ohio has over 320 wineries to choose from? Find one near you (or start planning your road trip) here.

Since opening in late summer 2018, Michael Angelo’s Winery has become a favorite weekend hangout. Located just a stone’s throw from our home, the atmosphere is convivial and lively during the summer; chic and cozy in the winter. Last weekend we made our most recent visit to celebrate both Ohio Wine Month and National Rosé Day!

Ohio Wine Month | Michael Angelo's Winery | Ohio Wines

Many thanks to the Ohio Grape Industries Committee (OGIC) for sponsoring this post! All content and opinions are 100% my own.

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Your Complete Guide to Trusted Traveler Programs

So, let’s talked trusted traveler programs! They’ve been on my mind as I recently got an email reminding me that it was time to renew my Global Entry membership. Also Cleveland Hopkins, our local airport, recently added CLEAR screening capabilities. With something new to consider, it seemed like a good time to review all the options and benefits.

People that may benefit from a trusted traveler program (or two) include:

  • Frequent travelers, natch! In airports every week? Take back a little “you” time.
  • Anxious travelers. Do crowds and the “hurry up and wait” component of travel set your heart a-flutter? Buy yourself some extra time and space with one of these programs.
  • Traveling with multiple small children. Dread the herding of cats every time you enter the airport? Take one or two to-do’s off your plate.
  • Elderly travelers or those who travel often with an elderly friend/relative. While it’s true that those over 75 don’t need to remove shoes or light jackets during screening, if they travel somewhat frequently or internationally, a trusted traveler program will offer additional benefits that might help reduce the cumbersome/stressful nature of travel.
Complete Guide to Trusted Traveler Programs | CLEAR | TSA Pre-Check | Global Entry

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Belize It or Not? Your Ultimate Belize Travel Guide

For our winter getaway this year we decided to check out Belize as it’s known for both diving and adventure travel – two things we love! Wanting the share the experience, we met up with some long-time former Ohioan friends as well as new friends that we met while in Cozumel two years ago.

Belize Travel Guide | What to do in Belize | First Time Trip to Belize | Best of Belize

Trip Planning Good to Know:

  • The official language of Belize is English.
  • While there is a Belizean dollar, the US dollar is accepted everywhere and the exchange rate is a very easy to calculate $1 BZD to $0.50 USD.
  • The sun is strong and it can be buggy during certain times of the year so bring plenty of reef safe sunscreen and bug spray with you. Consumer goods on the Cayes can be costly as everything must be shipped in.
  • Belize is super, super casual. You won’t need anything dressier than a nice sundress or short/top combo. I promise!
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