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A New Twist on Grilled Cheese

As luck would have it, I came down with my first cold of the season this weekend.  One thing that always makes me feel better when I’m under the weather is a grilled cheese sandwich.

The grilled cheese below is one of our family favorites.  It’s great for lunch on a cold day and can even work as a quick and easy dinner option with a salad or some fruit on the side.

Grilled Cheese | Easy Recipes | Fall Recipes Continue reading “A New Twist on Grilled Cheese”

Two Key Takeaways from My College Days

In the last 4-6 weeks I’ve had a flurry of family and friends sending their kids off to school.  Some for the very first time!  It’s sparked a lot of reminiscing, observations on how the college experience has changed these past (gulp) 30 years and conversations pertaining to “What I Wish I’d Known Then”.

My experience was a bit unique in that my mother worked her entire career at a local state university.  One of the amazing benefits of doing so was the free tuition afforded to her immediate family members. That’s right, if I went to university at her workplace, I went tuition FREE. No brainer!  Now, this was an incredible opportunity that has made a tremendous difference in my life.  But did I fully capitalize on it?  Sadly, no. Continue reading “Two Key Takeaways from My College Days”

Everything You Need to Know About an In-Home Trunk Show & Friendship Friday # 13

Have you ever been invited to a luxury brand in-home trunk show?  Well if not, I’m about to take you behind the scenes and fill you in on everything you need to know!

I recently partnered with a local stylist to represent the W by Worth brand in the greater Cleveland area and thought it would be fun to give readers an inside peak at our Fall show.  Other popular in-home trunk show luxury brands include Cabi, Carlisle Collection and Doncaster and Worth New York.  W by Worth (as well as most of the other brands) is sold directly by stylists via quarterly trunk shows in either the stylist’s own home or the home of a volunteer host. The representatives have each season’s merchandise for about one week. Below is a slide show with some pictures of our recent event – from set-up to tear down! Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About an In-Home Trunk Show & Friendship Friday # 13”

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