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Lit in Las Vegas: The Neon Museum & Boneyard

A few weeks back, I was in desperate need of a change of scenery and Natty Guy had one of his annual company Las Vegas trips coming up so I decided to hitch a ride.

Now, don’t hate, but I’m not typically a real Las Vegas kinda gal.¬† The artifice.¬† The forced fun.¬† The expense!¬† What ever happened to all those $2 steaks I heard about in the 80’s?¬† But….she grew on me a bit this trip.¬† And the Neon Museum was part of the reason why.

The Neon Museum | Neon Boneyard | Neon Graveyard | Things to Do in Las Vegas
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The Zombie Pedicure: My Baby Foot Review

Baby Foot has been on my radar for while but I’ve never been able to find a proper time to try it until now.

Each fall I give my toes a much needed break from the polish/remover cycle that I put them through so rigorously every spring and summer.¬† This year I decided that while taking my normal fall polish break, I’d also up the ante by trying out the Baby Foot foot peel, aka “Zombie” pedicure.¬† Appropriate for October, don’t you think?¬†

Please note that your feet will be unsuitable for viewing for about 10 days during the Baby Foot process.

Note: This post is NOT sponsored but may contain affiliate links.  For full disclosure policy, click here.

Baby Foot Review | Baby Foot Foot Peel | Foot Peels
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Hangry Hubby? This Savory Soup Will Warm His Heart!

I love Sundays at home during the fall!¬† We’re so busy over the summer that we rarely just sit and enjoy our home but come fall, it’s nesting time.¬† One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is to put on a big pot of savory soup and let it simmer away while we watch the Browns game.¬† After the game, it’s dinner time.

Today’s recipe is probably our all-time favorite as far as my soup recipes go.¬† I originally¬†got it from the October, 1993 issue of Bon Appetit.¬† Yes, I’ve been making it for 25 years and hope to be making it for 25 more.¬† It’s just that good!

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