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Ready to Rent Follow-up: My LeTote Review

A few weeks back I asked for your input in this post regarding a clothing rental service to try.  LeTote was the official winner and I ordered my first tote at the beginning of this month.  Below is brief review of my experience to date.

If you’d like to try LeTote for FREE, please use this referral link!

You will get a tote FREE for a 14-day trial.  If you choose to subscribe, I will receive a $25 referral credit after your first paid month.  No cost to you if you cancel prior to the end of your FREE trial period.

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The Look for Less: Embellished Hem Jeans

TGIF, friends!  The weather has finally turned colder here in Northeast Ohio and I thought the timing could be right for a craft project.  This fall I’ve been continually drawn to the embellished hem jeans by Pilcro at Anthropologie.  But $150-160 per pair is more than I like to spend for trend items like this that will likely only be worn a couple times and go out of style quickly.  I started wondering if there was a way that I could get the look for less.

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Find Your Perfect Denim Fit with Fitcode

Ugh, jeans shopping!  Am I right?  It can be so difficult to find your perfect fit!  Enter Fitcode to the rescue.

Fitcode | Best Fitting Pair of Jeans | Jeans That Fit

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