NORDSTROM Anniversary Sale is here! Brand-new arrivals, super-sale prices. Ends August 5.

What to Wear for a SERIOUS Shopping Spree

Do you ever think about what to wear for a SERIOUS shopping spree?  Well, you should.  I’m not talking about a casual stroll through the mall with your friends.  I’m talking about CODE RED shopping events like: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Back to School, Black Friday and post winter holiday sales.

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Top 10 #NSale Catalog Picks for Your Core Closet & For Adding Flair

It’s underway, friends!  That’s right…#NSale (The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) has started for Nordstrom Card holders and will open to the public on Friday, July 20th.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, my general wardrobe philosophy is an adapted capsule approach.  I’ve focused on building a strong core closet with classic essentials and then spice things up by adding layers, color, prints, patterns and accessories.  This week I’m sharing my top 10 #NSale catalog picks for core closet essentials and for adding flair.

Top 10 #NSale Catalog Picks | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | 2018 | Best of #NSale

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Get Ready for #NSale!

OK readers, Get Ready for #NSale!  Your feeds are about to blow up for the next two weeks as every fashion blogger in the US shows us his/her best version of #NSale picks.

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