Ageless Style: Animal Prints

Welcome back! Today we’re sharing the third quarterly edition of the Ageless Style Series, where a diverse group of bloggers each style a wardrobe staple or a seasonal trend item in their own unique way!  This season’s theme is Animal Prints. Come check out everyone’s looks!

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Four Tips for Looking Expensive

Looking cheap is something most women vehemently try to avoid! I mean who among us wouldn’t rather channel Kate Middleton or Olivia Palermo as opposed to someone who looks like an extra from an old Girl’s Gone Wild video? Today’s four tips for looking expensive will put you well on your way to cultivating an affluent and polished look!

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Women to Watch: An Interview with Kara Mac, Creator of ShoeCandy

It’s a thrill today to introduce you to an incredible woman who is well on her way to disrupting the shoe industry. I became acquainted with Kara Mac, the creator of ShoeCandy by Kara Mac, via a Facebook Group that we’re both members of. Her company’s mission meshed so well with Natty Gal’s philosophy of living a simple, stylish and satisfying life that I reached out to her to learn more about her background and to see if she’d agree to an interview. She graciously accepted. Come meet this inspiring “Woman to Watch” in today’s post!

Kara Mac of Shoe Candy in Yorktown NY, March 2018
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