A Valentine Shop to Set Your ♥ A-Flutter!

Ladies, do you really want to leave Valentine’s Day to chance again this year? You know the drill…flowers from the gas station for you and candy for kids from the local drug store.

Natty Gal to the rescue! I’ve curated a Valentine Shop that is chock full of stuff you are going to LOVE! We’ve even got the little ones covered. Just send your amour this link and let him get to work. Or better yet – scroll on down and treat yo’self! That’s right! Be your OWN Valentine. #girlpower

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Modern Map Art Review: A Unique & Personal Gift Idea

June marks the start of the summer gift giving season – weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations and more.  So often we want to give something personal that has meaning to the recipient but are at a loss for what.  Enter Modern Map Art!

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