Women to Watch: An Interview with Kara Mac, Creator of ShoeCandy

It’s a thrill today to introduce you to an incredible woman who is well on her way to disrupting the shoe industry. I became acquainted with Kara Mac, the creator of ShoeCandy by Kara Mac, via a Facebook Group that we’re both members of. Her company’s mission meshed so well with Natty Gal’s philosophy of living a simple, stylish and satisfying life that I reached out to her to learn more about her background and to see if she’d agree to an interview. She graciously accepted. Come meet this inspiring “Woman to Watch” in today’s post!

Kara Mac of Shoe Candy in Yorktown NY, March 2018
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3 Sauces to Amp Up Your Next Cookout

What makes steak ordered at a restaurant taste so much better than steak prepared at home? Many times it’s because of the finish! Steakhouses offer all sorts of sauces and add-on’s that make a basic piece of grilled meat taste so much more special. Today I’m sharing three super easy steak sauce recipes that will amp up your next cookout with family or friends!

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