A New Look for Natty Gal!

Good morning, friends.  I’ve been just BURSTING with anticipation for today’s reveal!  That’s right…Natty Gal has a fantastic new look, courtesy of Jennah Lear and Blue Loui Studio.

Logo Design | Branding | Blue Loui Studio

The New Look

When I decided to pursue the design of a new logo, a bunch of local Clevelanders recommended Jennah / Blue Loui, and boy, did they ever hook me up!  Jennah managed to take my disconnected thoughts and visions and turn them into a gorgeous logo and color palette that accurately represents my style and brand.

A few other things make Jennah stand out, aside from her creative talents: She’s exceptionally accessible and responsive. She’s a great listener. She has the ability to cut through clutter and translate thoughts into a unique and personalized brand. She’s patient and deeply committed to the total satisfaction of her clients. If you have any branding needs, I highly recommend Blue Loui Studio!

Logo Design | Branding | Blue Loui Studio
Main Logo
Logo Design | Branding | Blue Loui Studio
Secondary Submark
Secondary Submark
The NEW Natty Gal Color Palette

Blue Loui Studio also designed some fantastic new business cards for me! I love that they incorporated a photo – such a smart idea for a business card. I’m surprised you don’t see it more often.  What better way to help you remember someone than with a photo? 

What Else is Ahead…

My tagline, “cultivating a simple, stylish and satisfying life” means a lot to me.  I’m very passionate about wanting to inspire and help people to live their best life, whatever that means to them.  Through Natty Gal, I hope to share with readers the tips and tricks I’ve learned for creating a simple, stylish and satisfying life.  So what does that mean?  In brief, I interpret these as:

SIMPLE: Eliminating both physical and emotional clutter/noise from one’s life.  It’s not exactly minimalism but more of a careful cultivation that emphasizes focus on what is most important to YOU!

STYLISH: That’s easy!  How to look great even when you GO SIMPLE.  Core closet pieces to own.  Trends to incorporate and stay fresh.  When to save, when to splurge.

SATISFYING: This is where things really get fun!  It’s the good stuff.  Whatever adds meaning to your life; be it good food/wine, travel, volunteering, fitness, friendships and so on.

From a blogging perspective, I hope to more mindfully tie in these themes while still discussing the topics of fashion, lifestyle and travel.  I’m also going to aim for a more equitable balance of posts.

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Thanks so much for supporting me through this journey!  It means more than you can know.  Always feel free to reach out via email or on social media – I love hearing from readers.  What’s on their minds, what frustrates them and what tricks THEY’VE used to create a simple, stylish and satisfying life.  

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20 thoughts on “A New Look for Natty Gal!”

    1. Thanks so much! I love it too. Jennah and Blue Loui were great, I’m happy dancing all over the place today.

    1. Thanks so much! She most certainly is – as are YOU, my friend! Thank YOU for my stellar profile and author photos. Hoping to set up another shoot for fall.

  1. I LOVE your new look! the new logo is amazing but the “submark” (which I didn’t even know was a thing…) is more amazing! The look is very modern and sleek, but fun too. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m just thrilled with how everything turned out and agree, the submark is my favorite! Love how it blends the N and the G to look like a woman sitting with her legs crossed. Blue Loui was great!

    1. Thank you and agree wholeheartedly! Your business card sample on the Blue Loui website was the inspiration for mine – I asked Jennah if I could have something with a photo too!

  2. I definitely noticed and I love love the new look. Banner, logo, submark and catch phrase are all great and I love the 4 colors you chose. She did great and the timing on this was perfect for me as I am looking to re-brand and I love her work by seeing it here, Elizabeth. I will check her out for sure!

    Thank you for linking up with Thursday Moda last week. A new one will be live on Wed at 8 PM Eastern time so join it again, my friend. =) Meanwhile there is a new poem on my blog, hope you like it. It is a good one. 😉


    1. Thanks so much! Wish I could take credit for even a portion of it but all I did was just choose from some fantastic options she gave me. Please do check her out, give her a call! Thanks for hosting and for the reminder to this week’s link-up!

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