Pantone-Inspired Mini Capsule Wardrobe

Last week this pretty Kate Spade necklace showed up as an item in my inbox and I was impressed with how well it tied together the colors from Pantone’s Spring/Summer Fashion Color Report.  It inspired by create another mini-capsule.  This version uses 20 pieces in total and we’ve shown 16 outfits to get you started in thinking about how to use the pieces.  It’s a brighter palette than the spring capsule and I love the way the orange, pink and blues all work together.  Hope you’ll love it too!

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Fashion Trends for Spring 2017

Recently the topic of spring trends arose and I remained a bit mum on the subject as I largely felt Spring 2017 offered a lot of “been there, done that” styles.  Furthermore, some of the top runways looks – neon, bra tops, etc. just aren’t wearable for most us on a day-to-day basis.  But today I decided to sit down and cherry pick a few top trends and identify ways to give a fresh spin to the styles that have been around a couple seasons.

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