April New Arrivals

Ready to Rent Follow-up: My LeTote Review

A few weeks back I asked for your input in this post regarding a clothing rental service to try.  LeTote was the official winner and I ordered my first tote at the beginning of this month.  Below is brief review of my experience to date. If you’d like to try LeTote for FREE, please use … Continue reading “Ready to Rent Follow-up: My LeTote Review”

Shop Until you Drop or Ready to Rent?

In recent years we’ve seen the Millennial Generation give rise to the sharing economy.  No longer is ownership a hallmark of success.  From ride-sharing services like Uber to streaming of music and entertainment, this group is forcing retailers to reevaluate the way they do business.  Even automaker Porsche is piloting a $2000/month subscription service giving … Continue reading “Shop Until you Drop or Ready to Rent?”

The Luxury of Less

At my book club, several girls mentioned that they had recently read and enjoyed The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  As I was looking to get a jump on spring cleaning and am a fan of order and organization in general, I decided to give the book a read as well.  Ms. … Continue reading “The Luxury of Less”