How to Spend 24 Hours in the Hamptons

The weekend before Halloween, we ended up taking a quick and impromptu trip to Long Island. Natty Guy bought a car that was located on Long Island so we made a last-minute decision to fly out to pick it up. We left early on Saturday morning and flew into Newark (the closest airport we could … Continue reading “How to Spend 24 Hours in the Hamptons”

Organization Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

While fun, the holidays can also be inherently stressful! It’s a time when most of us have to juggle the usual stuff of daily life with a whole new set of “to-do’s“: increased social gatherings, decorating, gift shopping, etc. So today I’m sharing a few organization tips for a stress-free holiday. Use these proven techniques … Continue reading “Organization Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season”

Three Ingredient Butterfinger Bark

Candy corn looks so festive when displayed in apothecary jars during the Halloween season but what do you do with it afterward? I mean, honestly, you can only eat so much of it plain, right? Well Pinterest to the rescue! I found today’s Butterfinger Bark recipe there and it looked so easy, I had to … Continue reading “Three Ingredient Butterfinger Bark”