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Getting My Fix

I recently decided to try Stitch Fix.  Several of my clients also use Stitch Fix and I’ve been curious about them for some time.  For those unfamiliar with the company, the basic operation is as follows:

  • fill out an online profile here (sizing, color preferences, spend preferences, etc.)
  • pay a $20 non-refundable styling fee which can be applied to any purchase you make from your selected items
  • wait 7-10 days and receive your box with 5 curated items
  • take up to 3 business days to try everything
  • keep what you want, fill out the online checkout and send the rest back in a pre-paid envelope

So…what did I get?

20160811_135603_29150231946_o My Fix is pictured above and I was very pleasantly surprised with both the items chosen and the overall fit of each piece.  As you can see, the box contained a grey and black dress, a pair of olive skinnies, a black faux leather top, a turquoise dolman sleeve sweater and a pair of leopard ballet flats.  All but the shoes came with styling cards, shown below.

Leopard ballet flats have been on my to-buy list for a while.  This pair is by Yosi Samra, a familiar label that I use with clients.  They sent a half-size up from my stated shoe size and the fit was excellent.  KEEP

The Faux Leather Top was very similar in cut to one that I had been eyeing during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  This top was a fraction the cost – important as this will likely be an occasional piece for me.  It has a knit back which helps with fit and comfort.  That particular jacket on the left look of the style card throws me off but in general I like both styling suggestions.  KEEP


Am a very big fan of olive/black and olive/navy combos.  It’s also a trending color this fall.  Like the shoes, these have been something on my to-buy list.  Had originally been thinking of cargos but, hey, these showed up and fit well, despite being a size down from what I stated online!  Guess they know their product.  Will likely work them into this look by replacing the denim and swapping the shoes for black booties.  KEEP

The turquoise dolman sleeve was the surprise hit of the group!  Love the color but never in my life have considered wearing a deep dolman sleeve.  Maybe living in NE Ohio it’s because dolman’s are so hard to wear with coats.  But I loved it.  It’s a light/mid-weight perfect for late spring/summer/early fall with no coat necessary.  Don’t love the style card suggestions for this – the jackets won’t go over this deep sleeved top well.  My plan is to pair it with skinnies (white or denim) or with the denim pencil skirt from this postKEEP


Last but not least, was the striped knit dress.  This piece is most similar to the type of stuff I already have in my closet and I was on the fence about whether or not to keep it but with the 25% discount for purchasing all five items it was essentially free.  Had to go up a size (very easy exchange process) but have worn it twice already and can see it going into fall very nicely with a thick cardigan and tights or a slouchy turtleneck pulled over it and booties.  Not at all into the styling on the left of the card and would swap out the necklace on the right for something edgier. KEEP
fix2-jpegStitch Fix Pros:
  • Easy to use.
  • Great communication from company regarding where I was in the process and quick package turnaround time.
  • Low/price or free as long as you purchase something worth $20+.
  • Added 25% discount if you purchase all five of your items.
  • Easy and quick online exchange process.
  • Can request just one “fix” or sign up for regular deliveries at monthly or quarterly intervals.

Stitch Fix Cons:

  • The online profile form tends to pigeon-hole people into pre-defined looks, making additional text or in-depth Pinterest links more important to giving the stylist an overall feel for your style.
  • The stylist seems to change each time (based on feedback from client users).  One on one relationships are very important in styling and success comes easier once a stylist knows you, your lifestyle and can take inventory of items currently in your wardrobe. 
  • Limited styling options.  The two looks on the card are great for initial inspiration but an ongoing relationship with a stylist can provide looks that incorporate items you already own or can lead to suggestions for other purchases that may augment several of the pieces in a Fix.

Stitch Fix Summary:

I was very pleased with the items chosen for me and felt like the whole experience was a lot of fun!  A great option for people who might not be ready to commit to a dedicated personal stylist’s fees or for those that really know and are happy with their style but just in a bit of a rut and need a set of fresh eyes.  While I won’t use them for their regularly scheduled delivery service, I could see turning to an on-demand fix the next time I need a little lift.  As a girlfriend said “it’s like someone sending you a birthday present except that you’re paying for it”!

Trip Tales: Europe’s Baltic Region Part II – Top 3 by City

Last week’s post covered the logistics and point usage of our trip so this week I’ll focus on the sites, etc.  As a lot of ground was covered, today will highlight my personal “Top 3” in each locale.  Apologies for the poor photo quality – the main SD card was corrupted and is still out for repair so the majority of photos shown here are from the cell phone camera.

Stockholm, Sweden

  1. Vasa Museum – This warship was built in the early 1600’s and sank shortly into her maiden voyage.  Rediscovered in the late 50’s, a group salvaged this behemoth ship and made it into what is now the Vasa Museum.  One of the best museums I’ve ever been too!
  2. Stockholm Archipelago – From well developed islands to tiny spots of land with just a tent, a sail through the archipelago on a nice day is not to be missed.  We viewed from our cruise ship but plenty of day trips from Stockholm are available.
  1. Traditional Swedish Meatballs at Bakfickan – While available many places, I enjoyed a dinner of Swedish Meatballs served in the traditional manner (with fresh lingonberries and pickles) at Bakfickan – a restaurant next to the Opera with a lovely outdoor patio.

Tallinn, Estonia

  1. The Old Town Walls and Towers – Fat Margaret and Tall Herman are the two most legendary of Tallinn’s towers but the wall in general is just fun to explore!
  2. Raekoja Plats/Town Hall Square – Lined with restaurants this square is one of the hubs of life in the Old Town.  Grab a beer and some pelmeni (Russian dumplings) and savor the day.
  3. Fun Fact – While not an attraction, I was fascinated to learn that Tallinn is a world leader in the technology field.  That’s right!  Estonians invented Skype and Kaaza and Tallinn is considered the Silicon Valley of Europe.

St. Petersburg, Russia

  1. Eliseyev Emporium/Kupetz Eliseevs Food Hall – Right off Nevsky Prospekt this food hall was constructed in the early 1900’s and is an Art Nouveau gem both outside and in.  Stop for tea and a cake or to pick up some high quality edible souvenirs.
  2. The Peterhof Fountains – While the weather was being difficult this day, the grounds and fountains of the Peterhof still adequately impressed.
  3. The Hermitage – Enormous beyond words!  Personally, I was just as entranced with the elaborate interiors as with the artwork displayed.  So easy to imagine Tsarist life in these grand buildings.

Moscow, Russia

  1. Standing in Red Square in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral – How many years I’ve dreamt of this moment!  Thank you weather for cooperating.
  2. GUM Department Store/Upper Trading Rows – The beauty of this store surpassed my expectations!  With glass ceilings, elaborate flower arrangements and fountains throughout, it truly is breath-taking.  More a mall than department store in US lingo, GUM showcases most high-end, international brands.  Below a friend of Natty Gal is enjoying one of the famous 50 ruble GUM ice cream cones. (about 80 cents)
  3. The Armory Museum, Kremlin – As if the ten Faberge eggs weren’t enough, the Armory Museum also boasts one of the largest collections of carriages in the world, including three that belonged to Catherine the Great.
Russian Honorable Mention:
The subway systems in both St. Petersburg and Moscow live up to the hype and are not to be missed.  Some of the deepest and most beautiful in the world!


Helsinki, Finland

  1. Temppeliaukio/The Church in the Rock – This church, completed in 1969, was built directly into solid rock.  The dome is comprised of coiled copper.
  2. Eating in Market Square – The many fish/food stalls within Market Square provide a great, low-priced meal in an unbeatable location.  Soak up the sun at a picnic table and enjoy watching the harbor activity and tourists and Finns alike as they shop the various stalls.
  3. Local artwork and handcrafts – Of our stops, I was most impressed with the artwork and crafts in Helsinki.  While the usual tchotchkes were available, they had some fabulously unique pottery, glass wear, jewelry and woolen pieces.  Plenty of reindeer pelts for sale too, if you’re in the market for one of those.
Cool dish that caught my eye!Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

  1. Art Nouveau District – Riga is home to one of the richest collections of Art Nouveau architecture in the world.  The small but lovely art nouveau museum has a beautiful interior restoration.
  2. The Entire Old Town – Just loved Riga and could see myself living here!  
  3. These Tennis Shoes – Spotted in a shop as I was walking around in the old town!

Klaipeda, Lithuania

  1. Sculpture Hunting in the Old Town – These sculptures are hidden in parks, on doorsteps, etc. throughout the small but charming town center of Klaipeda
  2. The Hill of Witches – The Hill of Witches is located on the UNESCO World Heritage site Curonian Spit.  Founded in 1989, the hill now boasts more than 80 sculptures.
  3. The Fishing Town of Nida – This town is in the southern most location on the Lithuanian side of the Curonian Spit.  Next stop on the Spit…Kaliningrad, Russsia.  Some of the town’s iconic weathervanes are pictured below.

Warnemunde, Germany (day trip to Berlin)

  1. The East Side Gallery/Berlin Wall – This is Berlin’s longest remaining section of wall as well as the longest open air art gallery in the world!
  2. Brandenburg Gate – Like St. Basil’s, it’s just one of those photo ops you can’t pass up!
  3. Ampelmann/East German Crosswalk Man – This charming crosswalk signal mascot has his own store full of souvenirs featuring the beloved fellow.

Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. Tivoli Gardens – This has easily got to be one of the most innocent places on earth.  With rides for the kids and lovely beer gardens, restaurants and concert venues for adults, it’s damn near perfect.  Go on the Hans Christian Anderson ride to rediscover what it’s like to be three.
  2. Nyhavn – Photogenic and active; Nyhavn is one place almost everyone stops while in Copenhagen.  Great for a beer, meal or post-dinner ice cream and some fabulous people watching!
  3. Freetown Christiania – A squatter’s commune composed of about 850 residents.  No photos on “pusher street” where dealers wear face masks to keep identities hidden.


Trip Tales: Europe’s Baltic Region Part I

As mentioned last week, July was spent exploring Northern Europe’s Baltic region.  With smaller capitals, this area lends itself pretty well to touring by cruise ship.  Oceania Cruises has a great (albeit, very busy) itinerary that offers three full days in St. Petersburg, Russia; full day stops in other Baltic capitals and an open-jaw format that began in Stockholm, Sweden and finished in Copenhagen, Denmark.  By adding on hotel days in the start/end cities, this trip gave a very good overview of the region.
Grand Staircase, Oceania Marina
Red Ginger Restaurant, Oceania Marina

As repeat cruisers with Oceania Cruises there are several things that appeal to us about the line:

  • great itineraries with longer time in port than comparable cruise lines
  • caters primarily to well-traveled adults
  • elevated food/wine quality
  • tasteful and sophisticated ship décor
  • moderate to small ship size

While I did use points for hotel stays on this trip, as you’ll see below my “bang per point” was not especially impressive.  Mid-to-higher end, well-located city center properties were running about $350-450/night this July and using points was an easy/lazy way to avoid tacking on several thousand dollars above and beyond airfare, cruise fare and sightseeing/dining costs.

View from Window, Sheraton Stockholm

Sheraton Stockholm: Category 5 – Standard Award Night 12-16,000 points/night
Natty Gal Point Usage: 17,750 for Superior Room (standard room award not available)
TPG valuation $0.025/point
$443.75 per night valuation…OUCH!

Property Pros: Great location 5 minutes walk from the train station/Arlanda Express train, 5-10 minute walk to Gamla Stan, the new town and City Hall (site of the Nobel dinner), upgraded room had a great view of City Hall and Gamla Stan, on-site coffee shop made for cheap, easy breakfasts

Property Cons: Lobby a bit chaotic on changeover days when people are transferring to/from cruise ships

Executive Lounge, Marriott Copenhagen

Marriott Copenhagen
: Category 8 – Standard Award Night 40,000 points/night

Natty Gal Point Usage: 50,000/night 40,000 standard + 10,000 upgrade (the only rooms available)
TPG valuation $0.007/point
$350.00 per night valuation ($280 base, $70 upgrade)

Knowing we just didn’t want to lay out any more cold, hard cash on this trip, I opened cards specifically to get the points for these stays.  The Marriott card was opened in February and the SPG card in March, 2016.  With the bonus point offers at the time, minimum spend requirements, etc. it was easy to get enough points for the stays within a month or two.

Property Pros: Good location short walk from train station (which goes to airport), Tivoli and the top of the Stroget pedestrian street; lovely waterfront setting, the rooms have enormous windows

Property Cons: A bit far out from some other sites such as Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace, etc., big business hotel, bit lacking in charm (as you’d expect)