More Fall/Winter Trend Hits & Misses

Other 2018 Fall/Winter Top Fashion Trends Worth Considering

  • Leather:  Love.  Another fall staple, easiest to incorporate via skirt form or as a sleeveless shell.  I have one that is my go-to go out outfit when I can’t think of what else to wear.
  • Metallic/Foil/Sequin:  Normally more of a holiday thing, I like the little bit of sparkle these items can bring.
  • Ruching:  It’s back!  Just in time to hide those tummy rolls that make an appearance around the holidays.
  • Corduroy: Hmm, I’m on the fence with this one but don’t know why.  I like corduroy in theory.  Maybe too many sad 70’s flashback’s?
  • Bright tights:  Might try these with one of my neutral dresses as a quick refresh.  I slightly fear looking a bit too toddler-esque!
  • Folk-Inspired (patchwork, quilting, crochet):  The toughest that I MIGHT try but am very scared of.  Taste level seems to be the key here.  No one wants to look like a mid-West prairie chick aside from Laura Ingalls.

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My Least Favorite 2018 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

  • Extremely Over-sized: Unless you’re super tall and super skinny, this look is really hard to pull off.  First rule of styling: bigger clothes DO NOT make you look smaller!
  • Plastic: Expose my pasty skin AND manage to show how profusely I’m sweating all in one incredibly uncomfortable garment?  No thank you.
  • Western Inspired Shirts:  Think yokes, piping trim and chest pockets.  OK, I have a personal bias on this one but they are just not for me.  My apologies to the cowgirls out there – you do you.