Travel Essentials for Spring Break and Beyond

It’s the time of year when lots of people are heading out for spring breaks or even eagerly awaiting the end of the school year for their summer vacations.  With that in mind, I though I would share a few of my travel essentials – items that I pack that make a trip either more enjoyable or easier.

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How to Plan an Amazing Vacation in 8 Steps

Good morning, friends!  Natty Guy and I recently got back from a trip to Portugal.  Whenever we travel, we often get asked if we took a tour. Almost 10o% of the time, the answer is no, we travel on our own.  That always sparks a new set of questions.  How did you know where to go? How did you know where to stay?  How did you get around?

I won’t lie.  Independent travel can be quite a bit of work – especially if you research to the degree that we typically do.  But, it can reward you with a much more authentic and rewarding vacation experience as well as the satisfaction of forging your own way in a foreign country.  This post will walk you through everything you need to know to plan your OWN amazing vacation!

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