How to Create a Special Occasion Capsule Wardrobe

The fall and winter months are a time when so many of us find ourselves with some special occasions to attend. Company parties, charity benefits, special concerts or plays and more. If you find yourself struggling to figure out what to wear to these events, then today’s post is for you! I’m going to walk you step by step through creating a versatile special occasion capsule that will have you feeling fantastically dressed in a matter of minutes.

Special Occasion Capsule | Holiday Capsule

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Spring/Summer Core Closet Checklist

Spring is rumored to be right around the corner although this week saw sub-zero temps throughout much of the country, including here in CLE! Any-hoo, I thought now would be a good time to talk core closet essentials for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons. Again, you don’t need EVERYTHING listed below but working towards collecting these core pieces will end up making getting dressed each day much easier in the long run.

And note that you’ll still use some of your Fall/Winter pieces into Spring/Summer (download that checklist here); namely the medium blue jeans, jean jacket, nude pumps, etc. Good core closet essentials flow seamlessly from one season to the next!

Spring/Summer Core Closet Checklist | Wardrobe Essentials for Spring | Wardrobe Basics for Spring | Wardrobe Essentials for Summer | Wardrobe Basics for Summer
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Fall/Winter 2018 Core Closet Checklist

Whether you practice a capsule wardrobe or are a “more is more” kind of shopper, having a core closet of certain essentials makes  it much easier to get dressed in the morning.  You don’t need ALL of the pieces suggested here but having a selection of some of them will make your life easier.

Fall/Winter Core Closet Checklist | Fall Wardrobe Basics | Fall Wardrobe Essentials | Winter Wardrobe Basics | Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Core closet essentials are where you want to spend your money.  Buy the best you can afford, with one exception: white tees.  I find that white tees grey, yellow or get spills on them so quickly that it’s better to find a good, less expensive model and replace them more often.

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