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Four Options for Dealing with ALL Problems

Earlier this week I was talking with someone about the duck boat accident in Missouri and the one family that lost nine of it’s members in the blink of an eye.  We started talking about how people adapt to situations like that.  Why do some people, in the face of great tragedy, move towards acceptance while others, even in the midst of minor problems, become mired in a well of anger, sadness or bitterness?

Part of my mission with Natty Gal is to help people live their most satisfying life.  And life can’t be satisfying if you are suffering…with sadness, anger or resentment.  Today’s post talks about dealing with problems so that you STOP suffering and start living your most satisfying life.

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Life Throws a Curve Ball

Hi friends.  Today’s post was supposed to be a review of the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, what I’ve always heard is an upscale and activity-filled wonderland for both adults and kids in southwest PA.  We were scheduled to head out Friday morning with some friends and my bag was packed, as was my pup’s for a weekend stay at his grandmas.  Then on Thursday night life threw us a curve ball.

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Two Key Takeaways from My College Days

In the last 4-6 weeks I’ve had a flurry of family and friends sending their kids off to school.  Some for the very first time!  It’s sparked a lot of reminiscing, observations on how the college experience has changed these past (gulp) 30 years and conversations pertaining to “What I Wish I’d Known Then”.

My experience was a bit unique in that my mother worked her entire career at a local state university.  One of the amazing benefits of doing so was the free tuition afforded to her immediate family members. That’s right, if I went to university at her workplace, I went tuition FREE. No brainer!  Now, this was an incredible opportunity that has made a tremendous difference in my life.  But did I fully capitalize on it?  Sadly, no. Continue reading “Two Key Takeaways from My College Days” Discover goods from the shop at KonMari