Where I Fail as a Friend & A Road Map for a More Satisfying Life

One of the primary intentions of Natty Gal is to encourage readers to live their most balanced and satisfying lives. Today I’ll be sharing my road map for doing just that as well as talking about some of my own goals for 2019!

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The Post I Never Wanted to Write

This story begins in August, 2011.  Natty Guy and I went to Key Largo, Florida with a couple of friends to take our scuba open-water certification.  Our friends’ two adult children were also getting certified and, as they had rented a large house on the island, told the kids they could invite some others along.

Five of our friends’ daughter’s newly-graduated-from-college friends ended up joining us.  For Natty Guy and I, hanging around with this crew was a novel and enlightening experience.  Not having kids of our own, it was fun to recall what we were like at that age.  The similarities (i.e., cheap PBR was the poolside drink of choice and the random flirtations/hooks-ups among the group seemed to switch almost hourly).  The differences.  Kids today are so polished, so experienced.  This group included several world-travelers, rock climbers, long distance competitive bikers, accomplished artists, etc.  We had a great week hanging out with them by the pool, snorkeling with them at Pennekamp State Park, sharing meals and hearing about their lives.

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Four Options for Dealing with ALL Problems

Earlier this week I was talking with someone about the duck boat accident in Missouri and the one family that lost nine of it’s members in the blink of an eye.  We started talking about how people adapt to situations like that.  Why do some people, in the face of great tragedy, move towards acceptance while others, even in the midst of minor problems, become mired in a well of anger, sadness or bitterness?

Part of my mission with Natty Gal is to help people live their most satisfying life.  And life can’t be satisfying if you are suffering…with sadness, anger or resentment.  Today’s post talks about dealing with problems so that you STOP suffering and start living your most satisfying life.

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