Women to Watch: Liz Ferro of Girls with Sole

Petite powerhouse Liz Ferro found solace from a difficult childhood by way of fitness; running in particular. Not content to keep her newfound sense of empowerment to herself, Liz founded the non-profit Girls with Sole to help other girls from painful, abusive and discouraging backgrounds. Come learn more about this dynamic “Woman to Watch” in today’s insightful interview!

Liz Ferro
Liz is pictured in the white hat! Photo courtesy of Liz Ferro/Girls with Sole

Note: Many thanks to Liz Ferro and Girls with Sole for providing me with complimentary copies of Liz’s books so that I could learn more about both Liz and the Girls with Sole organization.

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3 Ways to Get Out of a Rut

Let’s face it. We all find ourselves in a rut on occasion. Whether it’s work-related or personal, it’s nearly impossible to run at 100% every single moment. In today’s post, I’m sharing 3 techniques that have helped me get out of a rut in the past. Try them and see if they help break your next slump.

Get Out of a Rut
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Empowering Changemakers: An Epic, Can’t-Miss Event!

Changemakers, thought leaders, advocates – mark your calendars for Friday, June 4th. That is the date of Empowering Changemakers, hosted by EYEJ. This virtual event brings together national changemakers from the fields of sports, politics, fashion, and more! Get your tickets HERE – and gain access to a vast slate of roundtables featuring professionals working to enact sustainable change in communities throughout the US. More details below!

Empowering Changemakers

NOTE: Many thanks to Mai Moore and EYEJ for providing photos, media and background information for use in this post.

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