My $5 Secret for Packing Like a Pro & Friendship Friday Link-up #2

This week we took an impromptu 4 day trip to South Carolina to attend a family member’s annual July 4th party and visit with other relatives.  We also spent one night in Savannah at the Andaz with a Hyatt free night certificate, which I’ll review in a separate post.  As summer is a prime time for a getaway, I thought I’d share with you my packing technique and $5 secret for packing like a pro!

The Pack Like a Pro Technique

Initially addressed in this post, below is a more detailed demonstration of my heavily road tested packing method.

pack like a pro, packing tips, how to pack, packing techniques

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The Ultimate Summertime Bucket List

Woo-hoo!  Summer is officially under way!  Now, how are you going to make the most of it?  Below are the best summer bucket list ideas to ensure that you squeeze every ounce of fun out of the season.  Feel free to add your own summer bucket list favorites in the comment section below!

The Ultimate Summertime Bucket List

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Scrumptious Sauce for Summer Cookouts

A short while back I ran a reader survey and you all delivered with lots of great feedback regarding the types of posts you’d like to see.  Fashion and lifestyle topics seemed to dominate.  One reader was specifically interested in quick, healthy dinner recipes so, my friend, this post is for you!

Easy summer meals, healthy meals
Quick, healthy and delicious!

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