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Two Key Takeaways from My College Days

In the last 4-6 weeks I’ve had a flurry of family and friends sending their kids off to school.  Some for the very first time!  It’s sparked a lot of reminiscing, observations on how the college experience has changed these past (gulp) 30 years and conversations pertaining to “What I Wish I’d Known Then”.

My experience was a bit unique in that my mother worked her entire career at a local state university.  One of the amazing benefits of doing so was the free tuition afforded to her immediate family members. That’s right, if I went to university at her workplace, I went tuition FREE. No brainer!  Now, this was an incredible opportunity that has made a tremendous difference in my life.  But did I fully capitalize on it?  Sadly, no. Continue reading “Two Key Takeaways from My College Days”

Everything You Need to Know About an In-Home Trunk Show & Friendship Friday # 13

Have you ever been invited to a luxury brand in-home trunk show?  Well if not, I’m about to take you behind the scenes and fill you in on everything you need to know!

I recently partnered with a local stylist to represent the W by Worth brand in the greater Cleveland area and thought it would be fun to give readers an inside peak at our Fall show.  Other popular in-home trunk show luxury brands include Cabi, Carlisle Collection and Doncaster and Worth New York.  W by Worth (as well as most of the other brands) is sold directly by stylists via quarterly trunk shows in either the stylist’s own home or the home of a volunteer host. The representatives have each season’s merchandise for about one week. Below is a slide show with some pictures of our recent event – from set-up to tear down! Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About an In-Home Trunk Show & Friendship Friday # 13”

Spreading Some Blogger Love & Friendship Friday # 12

In the spirit of Friendship Friday and our weekly link party, I wanted to focus some special recognition on a few bloggers that have been especially kind to me these past few months.  If you are not familiar with these women, check them out today and let them know Natty Gal sent you! Continue reading “Spreading Some Blogger Love & Friendship Friday # 12”

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