April New Arrivals

Why You are Struggling to Reach Your Goals

Confession Time: The inspiration for this post came after somewhat of a personal derailing of my daily habits last week.  In an effort to get myself back on course, I started writing this as a reminder of why it’s so important not to let your good habits die.  And in doing that, I started thinking about what a huge role habits play in ALL of our abilities to achieve our stated goals.  

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Clothing Makeover: New Life for an Old Dress

The chambray shift dress pictured below has been a favorite of mine for several years now.  But this summer I started feeling like it was a little bland so I went on a hunt for a replacement dress.  Sadly, nothing seemed to be exactly what I had in mind.  So, I started thinking.  What was my issue with the dress?  It fits well and is still in good condition.  While I normally pair it with a scarf, cropped cardigan or some sort of necklace; I found myself tiring of the solid blue and just wishing it had a bit more spark.

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