Suzanne Bowen BarreAmped DVD Series Review

You may recall this post from two years ago that shared my first experiences working out via DVD. At that time, I had just completed the P90X3 series with the goal of jump starting my strength training and was moving on to maintenance mode with my first Suzanne Bowen DVD, BarreAmped Boot Camp.

Just like that, my inner ballerina was unleashed and I’ve since added two additional Suzanne Bowen DVD’s to my lineup. As the BarreAmped series has proven to have some staying power, it seemed like a good time for an update review!

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P90X3 and Barre Amped Boot Camp Review

January is typically a time when people vow to commit or re-commit to a fitness plan.  Therefore, we thought it could be a good time to review the P90X3 and Barre Amped Boot Camp workout plans.  I completed the P90x3 series (my first DVD workout experience) this fall and am adding Barre Amped Boot Camp to my routine this winter.

P90X3 – $139.80

Tony Horton's P90X3 DVD Workout Base Kit

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