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Healthy at Home with my Three Favorite Workouts

Adidas recently reached out to a group of bloggers to learn more about how they were staying healthy by working out at home. I was thrilled to be included as my home workouts have done so much to help alleviate the stress and tension of these past few weeks of quarantine! Even better, they’re all low cost or even FREE!

My Three Favorite Workouts

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Three Truths You Need to Embrace When Facing Uncertainty

Facing uncertainty. It’s something we’ve all been doing a lot of lately. I, for one, have needed some new coping skills to help me remain positive. Enter my good friend Penny Casselman, who I’m delighted to introduce as the author of this timely post!

Penny and I met in 2017 through a mutual friend. Literally, a week later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We remained connected through her fight and as I got to know more about her, she proved an incredible example of resilience, positivity, and adaptability. As someone who has struggled to maintain positive thoughts, Penny’s advice has proven quite meaningful to me, as I’m certain it will to you as well!

You are a creature of habit.

Think about it.

  • When you wash your hair, do you shampoo at the beginning or end of your shower?
  • When you get dressed, do you put your pants on first, or your top?
  • Do you switch on the coffee maker before or after you’re dressed?

Once we’ve established a reliable pattern of doing things, it’s difficult to switch it up. No pun intended. <wink>

So how can you prepare? How can you greet change with a “Hello, old friend – so nice to see you again!

You can start by embracing these three truths.

Facing Uncertainty | We're in this together
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CBD, Women and the Health of My Sisters

Are you curious about the many CBD products you see popping up all over the place these days? Well, I was too! I was thrilled to discover that one of my Facebook friends and a fellow high school alumna jumped into the industry many months ago. Laura Sciepko has extensive experience in the healthcare sector and most recently took on the role of Director for Green Compass CBD. Today she is graciously sharing her knowledge regarding CBD uses for women, as well as a few first-person testimonials from women that have tried and had success with CBD products.

by Laura Sciepko

If you’ve seen one ad for CBD, you’ve probably seen a hundred! In fact, the explosion of the market and the incredible influx of products was one reason I wanted to jump in and explore the benefits. But, as is the case with many of us, I was overwhelmed. My curiosity and my eagerness to try CBD was at first, a health and wellness matter.

CBD Uses for Women
The author, Laura Sciepko

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