Thin is In….ThinOptics Review

Attention those of you in the 40+ crowd!  How many of you need reading glasses?  Hmm, quite a few.  How often do you forget your glasses at home or lose them while you’re out?  Right.  As I thought.  Well, I’ve got just the solution for you – ThinOptics!

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The Look for Less: Embellished Hem Jeans

TGIF, friends!  The weather has finally turned colder here in Northeast Ohio and I thought the timing could be right for a craft project.  This fall I’ve been continually drawn to the embellished hem jeans by Pilcro at Anthropologie.  But $150-160 per pair is more than I like to spend for trend items like this that will likely only be worn a couple times and go out of style quickly.  I started wondering if there was a way that I could get the look for less.

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Stylist Secret: Taming the Tatas & Friendship Friday #7

Summer is a time when tank tops, camis and sundresses are in heavy rotation.  They’re SO nice and cool to wear but can result in some pesky bra problems.  This post will address a few “tata management” methods that I’ve come across.

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