The Truth About Skincare Products From TJ Maxx

Today I am excited to introduce a new guest author, Lauren Reed! She is a senior at Ohio University, studying journalism and strategic communication. She submitted the fantastic post below, sharing her experiences with skincare products from TJ Maxx. I learned a lot from it and hope you enjoy it!

Within the past five years, consumers have developed a new found love and respect for their body and mind both internally and externally. These passions can range from developing a new interest in healthy eating, yoga, meditation, skin care and more.

Skincare Products from TJ Maxx

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How to Get Your Best Self-Tanner Tan Ever

Sundresses. Sandals. Swimsuits. Just a few of the things lurking right around the corner. By now we all know the saying “There’s no such thing as a healthy tan.” But some of us (Natty Gal included) just LOOK better with a bit of a tan.

My natural complexion is not like bone china or peaches & cream. It’s just pale and splotchy. And while I know the REAL sun is bad for me, I like the way I look much more with a sun-kissed glow. Enter self-tanners.

Today I’m sharing a few tips and tricks for getting the best, most natural looking tan you can using self-tanners. You’ll get the look of the rays without all the wrinkles!

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The Zombie Pedicure: My Baby Foot Review

Baby Foot has been on my radar for while but I’ve never been able to find a proper time to try it until now.

Each fall I give my toes a much needed break from the polish/remover cycle that I put them through so rigorously every spring and summer.  This year I decided that while taking my normal fall polish break, I’d also up the ante by trying out the Baby Foot foot peel, aka “Zombie” pedicure.  Appropriate for October, don’t you think? 

Please note that your feet will be unsuitable for viewing for about 10 days during the Baby Foot process.

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Baby Foot Review | Baby Foot Foot Peel | Foot Peels
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