Modern Map Art Review: A Unique & Personal Gift Idea

June marks the start of the summer gift giving season – weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations and more.  So often we want to give something personal that has meaning to the recipient but are at a loss for what.  Enter Modern Map Art!

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Easter Ideas for Some “Bunny” Special!

For the past two years, I’ve focused my Easter post on Easter outfits (see posts from 2017 and 2016).  This year, I thought it be fun to look at some Easter ideas for stuffing baskets and around the home!

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Unique Valentine Gifts for All Your Loves

Are you a sucker for Valentine’s Day?  I sure am!  It’s a holiday I’ve always loved.  From the early days of Valentine multi-packs and decorated cardboard mailboxes on each desk at school to nights at home with the fireplace roaring and a glass a champs, count me in!

This week I’ve rounded up a bunch of fun Valentine themed items that you may want to gift to friend, daughter, sibling or gift to yourself.  Oh yeah, I found a couple of things for your guy as well!

NOTE: All photos are linked to product pages.

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