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Trick or Treat Yourself

Halloween | Trick or Treat | Treat Yourself

Happy Halloween my friends!  Just a short post today with a few ideas to treat yourself this Halloween.  Have fun and stay safe tonight. Continue reading “Trick or Treat Yourself”

Mad for Dad: Shop Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day can be bittersweet if you’ve lost your dad.  Mine passed in the summer of 2008 and Father’s Day was the last holiday that I spent with him.  During the visit it was clear he was ill and sure enough, the day after we headed back to Ohio he was diagnosed with colon cancer and passed a scant three weeks later.  Am so glad I have that last memory of spending the week with him!

If you still have your dad, give him a call, a hug or try one of the ideas below to celebrate the one who was likely the first man in your life!

Natty Guy Favorites

All Birds Wool Runners

We came upon this Kickstarter company when looking for a pair of lightweight and comfortable shoes for travel (see original post here).  A year plus later and Natty Guy still loves wearing them and gets tons of compliments when he’s out and about.  We’ve gifted them to several people, all with rave reviews!

Father's Day gift, shoes, AllBirds, sneakers

Continue reading “Mad for Dad: Shop Father’s Day Gift Ideas”

25 Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother Quote, Mom Quote

With Mother’s Day still a week away it’s not too late to choose the perfect gift for mom. Whether yours is a girly-girl, a fitness freak, a bookworm, a gourmet, an artist or a gardener, Natty Gal has some ideas for you!

The Dyson hairdryer is a bit over the top but, come on, who wouldn’t want to get ready holding that fantastic piece of machinery?  How about the Eccentrics for that one-of-a-kind mom?  A great way to show appreciation for the quirks and idiosynchrysies we all posess.  Or the succulent garden!  So simple, stylish and easy to take care of.  Lots more ideas to choose from – check them out on the slider below!

Shop Mother’s Day

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