The Galapagos: Sea Lions, Penguins and Swimming Iguanas, Oh My!

Delayed due to COVID shutdowns in April 2019, we were finally able to take our long-awaited trip to the Galapagos this fall. Our favorite travel bloggers, Kara & Nate, recommended Royal Galapagos back in 2017 and it was watching their videos that inspired us to plan this incredible trip!

Ageless Style Swimwear: Just Wear the Suit!

Swimwear. It’s a word that can strike terror into the hearts of many women. And why? Because we’re taught to believe that it’s something only the flawless can wear, let alone be photographed in. One of my favorite quotes from the movie Pretty Woman is when Vivian/Julia Roberts states “people put you down enough, you … Continue reading “Ageless Style Swimwear: Just Wear the Suit!”