7 International Travel Packing Essentials

So many people are traveling internationally this year! It had me thinking about the international travel packing essentials I take on every trip. Today I’m sharing 7 of our tried and tested favorites. #7 might even salvage your trip if you get sick abroad!

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7 International Travel Packing Essentials

These seven products are ones that we use ourselves on every trip and love!

1) Functional Backpack

I did extensive research when looking for my newest backpack and landed on the Portland Gear Cascade backpack as the best choice. It’s reasonably priced at $95 and has many features I love.

  • It has a unique zip-open, clamshell-style top for easy access to everything inside.
  • The light-colored interior fabric which makes it easier to find things in the bottom of the pack.
  • It’s waterproof and will protect my camera and electronics.
  • There is a roomy front pocket for quick-grab essentials, a padded interior electronics pocket, and two interior open pockets for smaller items.
  • It has a luggage sleeve, padded straps, and a chest strap for extra support.
  • Exterior side pockets that are roomy enough for my water bottle.

This great pack looks like it was made for an adult and comes in two sizes, mine, which is standard, and a smaller compact version. Both come in five different colors.

International Travel Packing Essentials

2) Filtering Portable Water Bottle

Our water bottles are another item that we did a lot of research on. Because we are occasionally in locations where the drinking water isn’t the best, our search narrowed to those with filters. We landed on the Lifestraw bottle as being the best for our needs at a reasonable price. The Grayl is a strong runner-up and we’d likely purchase this if we did more “extreme” outdoor activities or a lot of camping.

International Travel Packing Essentials

3) Comfortable Neck Pillow

When it comes to neck pillows, we’ve tried many. The compact type that you need to blow up, fully-stuffed U-shaped varieties, etc. What has worked the best for us is the Releaf neckrest. It’s very thin and compact yet offers tremendous neck support when you nod off. It also doesn’t slip or move throughout the flight.

Recently I’ve seen ads for the Trtl pillow, which gets great reviews for the amount of support it offers. It’s heavier and looks a bit bulkier than our current pillow but it may be worth a try, especially if you always lean your head to one side as the support frame seems side-specific.

4) Disposable Tooth Brushes

Nothing feels better after an overnight flight than standing up to stretch and brushing your teeth! I pack these disposable toothbrushes for just that reason. They already have toothpaste applied and are easy to use in the airplane lavatory or while sitting in your seat. I prefer Colgate Wisps to the Crest mini brushes as I find that the Crest foams too much when using.

5) Dual-Voltage Travel Extension Cord

The travel extension cord we use must be 25 years old and doesn’t have USB ports. I think that means I’m due for an upgrade! All three of these seem like great options:

This link is a fantastic resource for determining which plug adapter you need for which country. This grounded plug adapter set will have you covered no matter where you go and I love that each plug is identified clearly, by type.

6) Portable Power Bank

This is the portable power bank that we both use and we find that we can get about two charges from it on our Samsung Galaxy phones, noting that we typically charge at no lower than 20-25%. Furthermore, the slim and lighter-weight design is more travel-friendly than other power banks.

International Travel Packing Essentials

7) The Very Best Cure For Traveler’s Belly

I’m notorious for getting sick when we travel. But typically it’s just with a head cold. Those are something you manage with and push through. But tummy troubles are not. Nothing can derail a trip quicker than needed to keep yourself within arm’s reach of a restroom.

Fortunately, we have yet to need this ourselves, but DiaResQ has come to the aid of several people we’ve met while traveling. One new friend was suffering on our Nile cruise and another had Montezuma’s Revenge in Mexico. We gave them some of our DiaResQ and with two doses, they were back to enjoying their holidays! It ALWAYS gets packed because when you need it, you need it.


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What did I miss? I’d love for you to share an item you find indispensable for international travel in the comments below!

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We carry these 7 international travel packing essentials on every trip! #7 might salvage your vacation if you get sick abroad! #travelessentials

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