The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: A Dream Garage

Stumped on what to get dad this year? Well, I’ve got an idea for the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift! How about giving him his dream garage?

So truth…this may be a bit much for Father’s Day BUT, if you also have had a garage overhaul on your home improvement to-do list, Father’s Day makes for a great excuse to pull the trigger!

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift: A Dream Garage

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As you might recall from this post, 2020 became our year of home improvement projects. Another project on our list was to organize the garage. We were so tired of:

  • salt damaged concrete garage flooring,
  • flimsy plastic storage cabinets that bent under the weight of stuff inside,
  • dark, dusty blinds on the windows,
  • the dim, fluorescent overhead light,
  • inconvenient access to electrical outlets,
  • and more!
Father's Day Gift

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: A Dream Garage Makeover


The first issue we addressed was the flooring. My father-in-law has used RaceDeck panels for some time so we were familiar with the product. They handle the load of cars and allow water to drain through but remain clean and easy to walk on, even just in socks or bare feet.

The flooring comes in a bunch of colors and was easy to install. Just line them up and snap into place. Around the edges, stairs, etc. you may need to do some custom cutting but we basically installed this ourselves one evening after work.

RaceDeck Free-Flow Flooring

Cosmetic Updates

Cosmetically, we had some drywall damage that needed to be repaired and we followed that with a fresh coat of paint. We decided to ditch our blinds and use a window film on the windows. You can’t see in from the outside but we can see out and light is able to come in. Lastly, we replaced the old fluorescent light with thinner, sleeker, and much brighter connectable LED lights.

Storage and Electrical Enhancements

Storage was a top priority. We wanted as much as possible to be stored out of sight. Capacity, as well as bending/warping, had been an issue with our prior cabinets, so we looked into a steel solution this time and landed upon the NewAge Products ProSeries cabinets.

They come in several different colors and configurations and attach together fairly easily. What did NOT come so easy was the leveling. The leveling was an absolute marriage-tester of a nightmare and, in hindsight, we both agreed that we should have opted for the professional install. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Father's Day Gift
Father's Day Gift
The center base cabinets are for tools and small supplies of hardware.

Access to the electrical mount on our exterior wall was always a bit cumbersome. When vacuuming out a car or using the air compressor, the cord would always get stuck behind a tire or on a side mirror, or something. So, we went with wall-mounted, retractable reels for both our extension cord and air hose.

Father's Day Gift

If you’re tired of your disorganized and dusty garage, shop the links below and give dad a gift that he’ll love and the whole family will enjoy!

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