Mother’s Day Gift Guide & Inspiration

One week until Mother’s Day! Are you stumped for ideas on what mom might enjoy? Part of the trick to choosing great gifts comes from paying attention to the habits and interests of your recipient. Today I’ll walk you through my process for selecting thoughtful gifts and am also sharing a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that may provide some inspiration.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Generating Great Gift Ideas

My mom is not a particularly materialistic sort and now that she is in her 80’s, is looking to decrease her amount of “stuff“. She also loves spending time outdoors on her patio. With these things in mind, recent gifts have revolved around beautifying her outdoor space and making it an even more pleasant place for her to spend time.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with a gift idea for someone (including mom), look to some of the following things for ideas:

  • their hobbies (cooking, gardening, tennis, reading, etc.)
  • the type of experiences they enjoy (going to movies, dining out, live concerts)
  • things they complain about that could be alleviated or remedied by your gift
  • what you observe that needs to be replaced or updated

Now on that last item, I know you’re likely thinking that something utilitarian doesn’t seem like much of a gift but it can be! For utilitarian gifts, I look for items with a really great design or some other standout feature.

For instance, in the gift guide below, an electric kettle may seem ho-hum. But the design of this SMEG one turns it into a really cool conversation piece that will light up any kitchen.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Inspiration

The ideas on this list include:

  • things for beautifying the home (throw pillows, a decorative planter, a door swag)
  • pampering gifts (posh slippers, a cozy blanket, decorated sweet treats)
  • utilitarian items with great design (an olive wood cutting board and cheese knives, the SMEG kettle)
  • quality accessories (a chic summer handbag, and the layered necklace)

What sort of items do you typically like to gift? Would love for you to share a special Mother’s Day memory with me in the comments below.

Click here for more Gift Guides. Until next time…keep taking those little daily steps to create your most satisfying life!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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  1. Hi Betsy. I think your suggestion to really think about what the person would enjoy, is really great advice. The gift is much more heart felt that way. Thanks for sharing. xx

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