Over 40? 5 Tips for Wearing the Wide/Baggy Jean Trend

With everyone tucked away in sweats for the past year, I guess it should come as no surprise that as well all re-enter the world, baggy jeans are one of the latest trends! I mean, who can fit into their skinnies anymore, am I right?

Lots of younger celebs have been sporting this look and that may leave you wondering how to pull it off at 40+. Well, today you are in luck because I’m sharing 5 tips for wearing the wide/baggy jean trend that will have you acting as a style-setter among your friends!

5 Tips for Wearing the Wide/Baggy Jean Trend

Jacket (Look for Less Jacket)/ Tee / Jeans (Look for Less Jeans 1, Jeans 2)/ Mule / Belt / Bag / Lip

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5 Tips for Wearing the Wide/Baggy Jean Trend

  1. Find the style of baggy jean that works for you. For most women over 40, a style that is somewhat fitted in the waist and rear but more voluminous in the legs is going to work better than a style that is big and loose all over. I also recommend forgoing distressing and/or embellishments on this cut of jeans. There’s already a lot going on with the profile.
5 Tips for Wearing the Wide/Baggy Jean Trend
  1. Keep your top form-fitting. Let the denim be the only full/baggy part of your look. Keep tops simple and fitted. Think classic tees/tanks, simple surplice, or wrap cuts. With tees and tanks, you’re going to want to either tuck or knot so that the bottom of the tee is near the waistline. With wrap styles, look for ones that are slightly cropped so that the hem will hit in the correct spot. A looser/longer hanging top with fuller jeans will just end up looking sloppy.
  1. Add a belt. Especially important if you are tucking your top. A belt will give some definition to your waist, which will look tiny in those wide-leg pants! Opt for a classic to wide waist cincher. A skinny belt won’t have enough heft against the wide-leg bottom.
  1. Add a heel. If you’re new to this profile, pairing a wider-leg pant with a heel makes for a bullet-proof combo. Heeled sandals, mules, boots, and wedges all work to give you every girl’s dream of legs for days!
  1. Add a jacket. Much like adding a heel, adding a jacket does loads to elevate your outfit from a fashion fad for kids to a tailored trend for the over-40 set. Pick whatever shape or style you like: the blazer, bomber, and moto are some of my personal faves. As with the top, keep things fairly fitted and look for jackets that end no longer than high hip bone.

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Until next time…keep cultivating a simple, stylish, and satisfying life!

Young celebs have been rocking a new look this spring! Today I'm sharing 5 tips for wearing the wide/baggy jean trend when you're over 40.

12 thoughts on “Over 40? 5 Tips for Wearing the Wide/Baggy Jean Trend”

  1. All great looks on your tall skinny models. I’m sure all of us over 40.50,AND 60 would prefer to see models like us! Poochy tummy’s, droopy boobs and mom butts! Let’s be honest here.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thanks so much for your feedback. I use a lot of stock imagery when creating my fashion posts and that oftentimes results in clothing being shown by professional models. It’s a great reminder for me to search out more inclusive representations and I’ll work harder to do so in future posts. The general style tips regarding cut and proportion do hold up for women over 40! I also recommend using shapewear and supportive bras for the issues of poochy tummy’s, droopy boobs and mom butts. XO, Betsy

      1. I am “poochy” 48 year old and yes the fitted on the waist and but wide denim leg still works very well on me, so your style tip is on point. Thank you very much.❤️

        1. I’m so glad that you can confirm the tips and that you’re having fun rocking the wide leg look! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment!

    2. I’m in my 40s and I do not have a mom body because I work out and eat healthy. So it’s your lifestyle you choose.

  2. I never leave comments, but I felt moved to leave one for you! I really appreciate this article: quick, clear, concise – a checklist of 5 actionable items! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be going through my wardrobe to put your advice to effect!

    1. Thank you so much, Patricia! I think that’s the nicest comment I’ve had in my years of blogging and it made my day. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and appreciate the time you took to comment!

    1. Hi Danni! Thanks for commenting. Yes, petites can wear wide legs. Proportion becomes even more important. Look for specific petite cuts and, as advised in the post, keep things sleek/fitted on top. While I’ve recently seen some loose over loose profiles, I think this look is best suited to women that are quite tall, 5’9″ and above. It’s just a lot fabric for us petite-stature ladies.

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