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One of our favorite summertime hang-out spots is the patio at Wine Bar Rocky River. It’s pretty and shaded and both the food and wine selections are top-notch. With COVID, they decided to extend their patio season by adding a few greenhouses for larger groups and these awesome, repurposed ski gondolas for couples. They are SO cute and cozy!

Wine Bar Rocky River features a 24-bottle Enomatic wine serving system that samples some really incredible, higher-end wines by the glass that will taste just fresh as those served right out of a new bottle. Tastes are available as 1 ounce, 2.5 ounce, and 5 ounce pours. Come check out the outfit I wore on our recent visit.


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Late Winter/Early Spring OOTD

It was cool but sunny on the day of our most recent visit. Wanting to remain coatless, I opted for a chunky, Italian space-dye turtleneck sweater from Banana Republic paired with my favorite Cali demi-boot jeans from Madewell. No words for how much I LOVE these jeans – am in them ALL THE TIME! To add a bit of pattern mixing interest, I paired the outfit with some leopard print booties, a cream-colored cross-body, and my favorite sunnies.

Shop the Look

While my actual Banana Republic sweater and boots are sold out, I’ve linked items with a similar look in the carousel below. Stock is low in my particular finish of the jeans (Fleetwood) but several other washes are available. They fit fairly true to size but the stretch factor varies a bit by wash. If the stretch indicator under Product Details shows your wash as being “super stretch“, you may want to consider ordering one size down for comparison. Just click to shop!

Updates to Prior Posts

Amazon Beauty Products

A little over a month ago, I ran this post on Putting Top-Selling Amazon Beauty Products to the Test. I’d only had the opportunity to try one of the products (the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask) a single time and didn’t feel ready to give it a full yea or nea. Well, I’ve been using it weekly ever since the post ran and can now whole-heartedly endorse it. There have been no latent break-outs and the clarity of my skin has been increasing over time. I now use it on my whole face (not just the t-zone) and, as mentioned in the original post, still have quite a bit of pink for about 20 minutes post-application but it always goes away right after that. Verdict?

Banana Republic Style Passport Subscription

One of Natty Gal’s most popular posts has been this one, reviewing the Banana Republic Style Passport subscription service. I still use the service intermittently myself and they’ve made one significant improvement that I felt bears mentioning in an update.

You may recall that initially the service selected all items that would be sent for you. You could specify priority items and they would try to guarantee one, but this left subscribers largely out of luck it they were trying to put together a full outfit of BR pieces or looking to pack specific items for an upcoming trip.

Now Banana Republic offers a service called Dart, which allows you to personally select items received for a small additional fee of $7.00. There are a few caveats:

  • Dart is only available for use on items currently available at the time you are placing your order.
  • Furthermore, to be eligible for Dart, you:
    • must be a subscriber in good standing;
    • have 3 or fewer items At-Home and all of those items must be either return notified or purchased;
    • (per above) the desired items in your closet must be currently available in inventory.

Think you might want to try Style Passport? As a special incentive for Natty Gal readers, you can use this link to register and will receive $20 off your first month as a subscriber!

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Come check out my OOTD on a recent visit to the outdoor ski gondola dining option at Wine Bar Rocky River. #ootd

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