🚴 Save $1,000’s with This Peloton Hack!

Have you found yourself Peloton-curious but a bit fearful that you may just end up with a $2,500 towel rack? Then today’s post is for you. I’m going to show you how to save $1,000’s with this Peloton hack that will give you a near-identical (if not, better) indoor biking experience!

Peloton Hack

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Late fall we considered mixing up our winter workouts by adding a stationary bike to our home gym set-up. But we both wondered if it would be something we’d actually use or if it would end up becoming a glorified towel rack.

While we enjoy biking in the warmer months, it’s something we’re more apt to do for entertainment than as a dedicated workout. You know….a Saturday morning pedal to the farmer’s market or a lunchtime ride to a favorite bar or restaurant. Sure, we’re getting exercise…but the emphasis is on the experience. So we were naturally concerned that putting thousands into a cult-fave Peloton might just be a waste of money for us.

Well, in our research, we came upon a tremendous hack! And I’m happy to report we HAVE been using our new set-up consistently this winter. And we’re even happier to have chosen an approach that cost just a fraction of the Peloton route!

Save $1,000’s with This Peloton Hack

The Bike

After extensive research, we found that the Joroto Indoor Cycling Bike with Magnetic Resistance was the best stationary bike option on the market for under $500. It’s very sturdy/solid feeling, has an adjustable seat and handlebars and uses the same magnetic resistance mechanism as the Peloton bikes. An added bonus for us was that it accommodates regular tennis shoes. However, if you prefer clip-in biking shoes, you can switch out the pedals. Assembly was very easy and took about 20-30 minutes including unboxing.

The App

For this hack, you’ll need to use the Peloton digital app and screen cast to the TV in your workout area. The digital app gives you access to not only the recorded and live cycling classes, but also all the other Peloton offerings like scenic rides/runs, meditation, strength training, etc.

Peloton fans often cite the large screen size and, therefore, immersive feel to be one of the greatest benefits that Peloton offers. I’ll argue that by screen-casting, you amplify that experience even further!

It’s also odd that the All-Access membership required to use the Peloton bike costs nearly three times that of the digital app. And without the All-Access app, your Peloton is rendered essentially useless. Curious.

!!! More Savings !!!

If you happen to hold a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve card or a JP Morgan Reserve Card, you’re eligible for statement credits on both the Peloton All-Access or Digital app when you choose that card as your payment method. The Chase Sapphire Reserve card is my favorite credit card ever and this latest offer just sweetens the deal even more.

Holders of the Reserve cards will receive up to $120 back through 12/31/21 and holders of the Preferred card will receive up to $60 back during the same time period. This page explains how to claim your credits.

The Add-on’s that Create a Peloton Experience

The Wahoo RPM Cadence sensor is a very important piece to add to this setup. Cadence is frequently referenced by Peloton trainers and knowing your cadence allows you to also adjust your resistance according to perceived effort. This add-on is easy to install with double-stick tape on the crank (takes under 5 minutes). A Bluetooth connection allows you to monitor both cadence and speed (see optional attachment below) via cell phone or tablet using the Wahoo app.

See the Wahoo Cadence gauge mounted below the pedal.

A resistance gauge will allow you to gauge resistance when class trainers call for periodic changes. This Joroto X2 Resistance Gauge is easy to install (under 5 minutes). When we compared it to a friend’s actual Peloton, we found it to be a reasonably accurate comparison. Having a visual cue has been really helpful for when they call out resistance changes during class!

See the white 0 – 100 resistance gauge below the resistance knob.

OPTIONAL: While Peloton classes rarely mention speed, you may wish to monitor this along with your cadence. The Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor allows you to do this. It’s great if you use apps other than Peloton like Zwift for virtual bicycle competition training. Again, installs easily with double-sided tape and a Bluetooth connection in under five minutes.

Peloton Hack
See Cadence/Speed Monitor on the Cell Phone via the Wahoo App.

Cost Summary

The numbers don’t lie! You can save AS MUCH AS $2,350 with these simple hacks that takes less than an hour of your time to implement.

Peloton BikePeloton Bike+Peloton Hack
Peloton Cycling Shoes$125.00$125.00N/A
Cadence SensorN/AN/A$39.99
Speed SensorN/AN/A39.99
Resistance GaugeN/AN/A$25.00
1 Year Peloton Membership$468.00

This Hack May Not be for You

This hack may not be for you, if:

  • You lack space for a TV in your workout area and need to rely on an integrated screen.
  • You’re a competitive biker and find that seeing your name on a leaderboard during classes is important to your experience.
  • You lack technical/mechanical ability. While the additional sensors/gauges are quite easy to install and connect to Bluetooth, it does require an additional step. If that’s not your thing, this hack may not be your best option.

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Peloton-curious? Don't pony up just yet!  Today I'm sharing how to save $1,000's with a Peloton hack that gives a near identical experience!

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