Putting Top-Selling Amazon Beauty Products to the Test

Have you ever wondered about those top-selling Amazon beauty products? You know, the ones with tens of thousands of five star reviews? Well, today I’m putting a few of them to the test. Stay tuned to find out which are worth the hype!

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TruSkin Vitamin C Serum

Top Selling Amazon Beauty Products

I started using this product about a year ago and it is firmly on my keeper list! The TruSkin Vitamin C Serum has an overall Amazon rating of 4.3/5 and over 62,000 reviews.


  • Effective at evening skin tone, brightening skin, and lighten sun spots, particularly when used daily and consistently.
  • Great price point for a Vitamin C serum.
  • Relatively long-lasting. A little goes a long way and while I’ve been a bit inconsistent with my personal usage, I’d expect to get a couple of months out of a bottle with once a day use.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • None that I can think of. Even the small percentage of people that reviewed this negatively stated that customer service was excellent. They had no trouble getting money refunded and were oftentimes suggested a more compatible product for their skin type.


PurSources 40% Urea Cream

Top Selling Amazon Beauty Products

Over the winter months, I like to give my feet a little extra TLC in order to get them ready for sandal season. This usually begins with a BabyFoot foot peel, an unsightly but worthwhile first step. Once that sloughing process is complete, I like to tackle any remaining rough spots.

This year my feet were particularly gnarly (I think from all the outdoor time and walking over the summer) so I decided to try something stronger than my normal CeraVe moisturizer. A week or so of liberal, daily applications of PurSource 40% Urea Cream did the trick and I’m now figuring out my maintenance mode. This product is so effective, I doubt I’ll ever again be subjected to the dreaded “foot file of shame” when getting a pedicure!

4.4/5 Amazon rating; over 12,000 reviews


  • Very effective at healing dry, cracked, or calloused feet.
  • A very high concentration of urea.
  • Reasonable to favorable price point for a product with this concentration of urea.


  • The product does leave a slight, white residue where used. I personally found this to be a minimal issue as I only apply at night.
  • The 4 ounces go somewhat quickly when applied liberally and daily. A bit more economical when in the maintenance stage.


Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Top Selling Amazon Beauty Products

This Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is the newest addition to my Amazon-products beauty repertoire. I purchased it just earlier this week! While it has over 41,000 ratings and the highest average of the products shown here today (4.6/5), the handful of negative reviews were a bit off-putting. But, in the interest of blogging and because I’m still at home a lot, I decided to roll the dice and test it out.

Things got off to a bit of a messy start. The jar is filled to the brim and when I opened it, quite a bit of clay dust/crumbs spilled out. Recommend opening over a sink. I mixed 1 teaspoon of the clay with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This amount would have been plenty to cover my entire face with a thick layer although I only applied the product to my nose, chin, and center of my forehead.

I left it on for about 20 minutes and most (but not all) of the product had dried. Your face becomes very tight/pulled as the mask shrinks considerably while it dries. To remove, I soaked a washcloth in warm water and placed it over the clay areas to soften them and then wiped clean and rinsed. My face was pink where the mask was applied, but not bright red as some users noted. And the pink went away in 15-20 minutes.

As some people noted it could be drying, I followed the mask with a layer of this Ahava Hydration Mask, an overnight product that you put on with a thin layer remaining on your skin so that it absorbs overnight. So far, so good. While I wouldn’t consider it a miracle treatment at this point, my skin does feel soft, smooth, clean, and a bit de-gunked.

NOTES: Read the directions and know your skin. Do not apply to dry areas until you know how your normal/oily skin reacts. If you are sensitive, do a test patch or leave it on for just 5 minutes, as noted on the product. While my mask wasn’t 100% dry, I was hesitant to go beyond 20 minutes. I think the next time I’ll apply a slightly thinner layer to see if I can get the clay completely dry.


  • Left skin feeling very clean, soft, and smooth.
  • Inexpensive.
  • The 1 lb. tub will last a really, really long time.


  • A bit messy to use.


Because I’ve only used this product once so far, I’m holding out on making a final verdict. There were no immediate negative side effects but I’d like to see if this product causes my skin to break out after a few days. Am also curious about repeated use and whether the positive effects are enhanced even more with time. Will update in a month or two with a final verdict!

UPDATE: Well, I’ve been using this product weekly ever since the original post ran and can now whole-heartedly endorse it. There have been no latent break-outs and the clarity of my skin has been increasing over time. I now use it on my whole face (not just the t-zone) and, as mentioned in the original post, still have quite a bit of pink for about 20 minutes post-application but it always goes away right after that.

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Have your own favorite Amazon beauty product? Let me know about it in the comments below! Until next time,

Have you ever wondered about those top-selling Amazon beauty products?  You know, the ones with tens of thousands of five star reviews?  Well, today I'm putting a few of them to the test.  Stay tuned to find out which are worth the hype!

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  1. Hi Betsy. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for sharing the beauty product reviews. I can now get Amazon products delivered here to Georgia (Europe).

  2. Hi there! I love the aztec healing clay I use it with apple cider vinegar and my skins feels soft and fresh feeling. Whenever I have a lone pimple/or bump I use the mask and it disappears within a day. I will look into the foot lotion. My feet are so dry and cracked. Thanks

    1. Great to hear a report from someone that has been using the Aztec clay a bit longer than I have. It’s been a couple of days now and no latent break-outs so I think I’m in the clear!

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