Natty Gal Gift Guide 2020

Gifting looks a little bit different this year but fear not! I’ve curated my Gift Guide 2020 with all that in mind. These well thought out ideas are sure to make winter easier on their recipients during this next round of COVID.

Gift Guide 2020

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Gift Guide 2020

Gifts that Entertain

If you live in a colder climate, you know the struggle of keeping entertained during COVID when you can’t as easily be outside. With that in mind, stock your friends and loved ones up with things to do, board games, puzzles, art or crafting kits or books.

Natty Guy and I are planning to institute a once a week game night and hobby night this month just so we don’t spend every evening lolling on the couch and watching shows. I’ve got Ticket to Ride on my own wish list and a friend turned me on to painting with acrylics when she started “Paint & Pinot” nights for her family this spring.

Gifts that Pamper or Promote Health

Don’t know about you but I sure as heck haven’t been getting pedicures as regularly as I used to. This nifty little gadget makes doing that job at home much easier! And handy “no-touch” door tools are sure to be the stocking stuffer of the season this year – so many styles to choose from. Home gym equipment like a jump rope, hand weights, or a Bosu are also great gift ideas for the fitness fanatic that can’t get to the gym anymore.

Gifts that Comfort

Slippers, robes and socks are all pretty traditional holiday gift items but this year consider upping the ante by choosing items made of more luxurious fabrics like silk, cashmere, pima cotton or shearling. It’s been a rough year and we’re living in this stuff all the time – you and your loved ones deserve it!

Gifts that are Consumable

Now, in our 50’s, consumable gifts are so appreciated. We have most of what we need/want and enjoy trying new wines, nuts, olive oils, jams, etc. Pick out a few goodies and pair them with this cute recipe towel from Etsy. It can be personalized to reflect one of your family favorites.

Alternately, get something that supports your foodies’ interest: a sous vide cooker allows you to create restaurant quality fish/steak at home, a coffee lover might like to try out this ages-old Italian stove top method of preparation.

Consumables don’t have to be limited to foods and beverages. Candles, essential oils and beauty items like nail polishes all fit into this category.

Hope you’ve found some inspiration in the Natty Gal Gift Guide 2020! Check out my shop page for more gift guides as I publish them along with these posts.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you. Stay well and happy shopping!

Like so many things, gifting looks a little bit different this year!  But fear not, I've curated this Gift Guide 2020 with all that in mind.

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