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I’m very excited today to introduce you to Noelle Perez, the founder of Request a Test, a company that provides discreet medical testing services directly to consumers. Noelle and I met at Case Western Reserve University while pursuing MBA’s and became fast friends. In fact, I think she was one of my earliest “girl crushes”!

Noelle is a smart, engaging, incredibly positive, and fun fashionista that is committed to supporting other women as they work to become their best selves.

She was kind enough to sit down with me to answer a few questions about her start as an entrepreneur as well as how she maintains a sense of balance in her busy life!

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An Interview with Noelle Perez

What drove you to launch your own business and what specifically led you toward direct to consumer lab screenings?

This is always a fun question for me to answer because it wraps up all the magic that happens in life.  Truly it was a convergence of preparation, knowing my gifts and passions, kismet, and hard work.  I always knew I wanted to help people and I had a knack for sales.  I stumbled upon this business concept while finishing my MBA studies and something resonated and my inner voice said I had to pursue this line of business. 

While I realize you were fairly young when you launched Request a Test, what advice do you have for women wanting to re-invent themselves or launch a new venture in mid-life?

At any stage in life, when it comes to re-invention or launching a new venture, the first step would be an internal assessment (what is your motivation for this change/launch, does it align with your spirit or soul, how committed are you to this).  Next would be goal setting and action steps.  Start small with the goals and take the steps to achieve it. Once that momentum is in place, it gets easier to hit higher goals as you now have more confidence. 

Keep attuned to having to make tweaks along the way.  Don’t be blinded by achieving the goal.  If the journey presents messages either through obstacles, challenges, or any other means, listen, and assess.  Some of the best learning comes in those moments.  Lastly, be informed. Learn about what it is you’re are trying to achieve. Be 110% committed to knowing as many aspects as possible.  Gather data and extrapolate the meaning of that data.

With the combined demands of your business, motherhood, etc., what do you do to maintain balance in your life among all the areas that are important to you?

I think the belief system of balance needs to be tossed out the window. It adds too much pressure, especially if you have many pieces to your life’s pie!  Know that each aspect of your life will have ebbs and flows of attention.  Learn to be ok with that. 

Another piece I have learned to be ok with is that if you have a dynamic life with many pieces that need your focus, it’s ok that you are not maximizing or balancing it equally all at the same time.  This knowledge and being present in the moment when I am “in” a piece of my life helps me deal with the demand by knowing I’m giving it my all when I show up for that part of my life. I love life and love to be involved in more things than I have time for, so it’s imperative to know one’s “important’s” so those get priorities over everything else we wish/want to do!

Natty Gal is all about building a life of personal satisfaction.  Could you share a time or two in your life when you’ve felt incredibly satisfied/content and conversely, a time or two when you’ve felt a bit unsatisfied/unsettled with life?  When unsatisfied, what did you do to change that?

Satisfied. I feel most satisfied in life when I take the time to check in with myself to assess what is giving me fuel and what is depleting it.  By fuel, I mean life energy.  Once that has been identified, do some life housekeeping to remove things or people that drain the fuel.  This helps keep me in a state of honoring what is best for my spirit and soul thus, most satisfied.

Unsatisfied.  This plays off my “satisfied” answer.  I am unsatisfied when I don’t take time for self-care. I’m not speaking of hair or nail appointments, but time to check in to see how my body and soul are feeling and assessing how I am feeding them.  It is like being unconscious or going through the motions of life without taking the time to ask yourself, “is what I am choosing (whether eating, human interaction, work) fueling me or depleting me?”  Losing touch with oneself leads to a state of dissatisfaction.

Combined with your business savvy, I also happen to know you have a love for creativity and fashion! How would you describe your style: keep it simple or more is more?  In what other ways do you express your creativity?

I LOVE fashion.  It is a great way to express art in oneself.  Most days I dress comfortably so I can feel my best engaging in the day’s activities.  My day to day preference is natural fabrics (I’ll do leggings but they must be cotton) and non-restrictive choices (not too tight shirts, no underwire bras, no button pants). I also love cozy, high-quality items when in comfort mode.  Splurge on a great pair of slippers.  Spritz yourself with expensive perfume.  Luxuriate in a nice hand lotion while working!

When it is time to dress up, I am all about a statement look. I love to wear bold items (not all at once though!).  You might catch me in a toned-down outfit paired with a crazy, unexpected shoe or bold jewelry set.  I may toss on a hat or bold lip.  Use color! I love color and am surprised how many people shy away from it.  While I do keep a budget with clothing items, I’ll splurge on purses, sunglasses, jewelry, and shoes. 

What are you most excited about regarding the future of Request a Test?

I once heard, “Make it, Master it and Matter”.  Having passed the make it and master it part, I’m now more focused on the “matter”.  I like to give back and have found that I have a knack for mentoring.  With a large team at my company, being able to help employees grow professionally and personally, is an incredible experience for me.  In the process of mattering, I’m learning so much as well.  Growing my business is another focus as the more outreach we have, the more customers we are helping.

About Request A Test

Request a Test is headquartered in Northeast Ohio and provides direct to consumer, discreet lab testing services. With a large volume of business, a national physician network, and a partnership with two of the largest certified labs in the U.S., Request a Test is able to offer low-cost lab testing (up to 85% off retail pricing), convenience with over 3,600 nationwide locations and outstanding customer service.

There are a number of benefits to ordering your own lab tests, including:

  • lack of insurance coverage, in general or for a specific test you need;
  • quicker turnaround of results that aren’t dependent on a scheduled doctor’s appointment;
  • it’s a discreet form of testing – only you and the lab know your results!

How it Works

  1. Select your test.
    • There is an enormous array of tests available, including newly added COVID antibody testing.
    • Orders can be placed online or over the phone; no appointment is needed.
  2. Visit a local collection site. Many convenient locations located nationwide.
  3. Get your results – often the next day!

Request a Test gets excellent reviews from consumers and is an 8-time winner of the Weatherhead 100 – a list of Northeast Ohio’s fastest-growing companies. You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for product updates and seasonal promotions.

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Author: Betsy Ramsey

Betsy Ramsey is the author of Natty Gal. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, she now lives there with her husband and Bichon-Frise, Dolce. A mindful fashion & capsule wardrobe enthusiast, she travels extensively, visiting 56 countries to date. Betsy is committed to helping others live their most fulfilling life!

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