On Finding Your Tribe and Style Collective

Let’s face it, finding your tribe can sometimes be a challenge. Lots of ladies tout the phrase “women encouraging women” without actually practicing that ideal. Finding a support group can be critical to your success, whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship, cooking, painting, or playing an instrument.

As a blogger, Style Collective has been paramount to my growth and development. I’ve been a member for two years now and had the opportunity to attend their biennial conference earlier this year. So come take a sneak peek at all that went on and learn more about the benefits of finding YOUR inclusive and supportive tribe.

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Friday First Meets

Most of the girls arrived in Raleigh (see travel guide here) on Thursday or Friday. On Friday evening we had our first get-together, a happy hour on the rooftop of our hotel! We took advantage of the golden hour light for some selfies and then several of the group headed off to dinner at a nearby restaurant where we had the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better.

Jamie of The Plus Size Diva was one of my main inspirations for wanting to attend SCCon20. She attended the inaugural conference in 2018 right before I joined and her post-event write-up was my motivation to sign up! When I learned she’d be attending again in 2020, I was thrilled. A fellow Ohioan, we’d previously met at some local blogging events. Knowing I’d see a familiar and friendly face there helped take away my fear of the unknown.

Be sure to follow Jamie on Instagram at Divas Never Settle along with her new page, Jamie Nailed It. Her YouTube channel has great tutorials on nail and makeup techniques and more!

The Style Collective conference is where you go when you need a recharge, girl time, and a place to help you feel validated when you feel lost in the blogging world. It is the heart and mission behind Style Collective come to life. Not only did I learn about new topics compared to what I learned from the first conference back in 2018, but I also grew my friendships and connections with women I met two years ago.

Jamie, Ohio

Saturday Sessions

Saturday was devoted to a full day of educational sessions held in the lovely Cannon Room (shown below). Among other things, we learned about Facebook advertising and were able to pick the brains of a panel of established influencers and agency experts. Oh, and of course there were plenty of yummy treats and time for selfies and socializing!

Many thanks to @stylecollective_ and @courtneycollinsphoto for the spectacular photos in the slideshow below!

At the end of the day, a few groups broke off for dinner and to check out Raleigh’s nightlife scene. For the second evening in a row, I found myself spending some time with my new friend Nicki. Recent to blogging, she had just started her Instagram a few months before the conference and came to the event ready to learn.

We really hit it off and I already can’t wait to catch up with her at future events. You can find her blog at Nicki’s Chic Style and under the same name on Instagram. Just weeks after this event, she landed her first Brand Ambassador role. 🎉 Woo-hoo! 🎉

This was my first year attending the Style Collective Conference. My favorite part was meeting a few of the SC Sisters in real life, as well as Annie Spano, the founder of Style Collective. What attracted me to Style Collective is the community! Women coming together to support and lift up other women is what Style Collective is all about. I got a lot out of the speakers on the panel for all areas: business, blogging, and where to direct and invest in social media. Overall, it was a great experience and I learned so much and made amazing friendships.

Nicki, California

Sunday Funday

On Sunday we were treated to day of fun and pampering! We started off with a shopping spree at Kendra Scott. DryBar came in to perk up our ‘do’s, we could get our tarot cards read, and, ‘natch… mimosas! From there we headed off on the Great Raleigh Trolley Brunch & Bubbly tour.

Many thanks to @stylecollective_ and @courtneycollinsphoto for the spectacular photos in the slideshow below!

I was excited for more 1:1 time with Lisa of Occasionally Luxe. We’d met Friday night and she was one of the bloggers in attendance that had already grown an impressive following on Instagram. She also takes on a steady stream of sponsored posts and brand work. I was eager to learn more about how Style Collective benefits women at that level.

I found Style Collective early on in my blogging journey and was excited to join an inclusive and supportive group, that offered insight and guidance for bloggers. It’s hard to start out and not know what you are doing, but I found that Style Collective actually shared real tips and tools, to help put you on the path to success. What I value most is the built-in community aspect; everyone in the “sisterhood” is kind, helpful, and encouraging. I’ve invested in many other blogger guides and e-courses over the years, but to this day, I still think that Style Collective has been the most useful and valuable resource for me.

Lisa, Virginia/Metro DC area


Many thanks to Lisa, Jamie and Nicki for participating in this post. They represent just a handful of the fantastic women that I now feel privileged to have as a part of my network. I know I can reach out to any one of them with a question, a potential blogger collaboration, or just an emotional lift on a bad day. And thanks to Annie Spano for forming this group and encouraging the adage that “real women empower women“.

Finding your tribe and benefiting from the support and encouragement of like-minded women is a game-changer. Regardless of your passion, don’t give up. Go to the conference. Check out the meetup group. Engage with people online. And find YOUR tribe! For more information on Style Collective, check out this post or click here to join.

Until next time…keep cultivating a simple, stylish, and satisfying life!

Finding your tribe can be a challenge. Find out how I found my tribe and the many benefits of knowing you have a supportive group of women in your corner.
Finding your tribe can be a challenge. Find out how I found my tribe and the many benefits of knowing you have a supportive group of women in your corner.

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    1. I’m so glad you liked the post, Lisa! Thanks so much for contributing and for your support since the conference. We feel the same way. I can’t wait to see all of you again! XO

  1. Hi Betsy, I’m so glad that you had the opportunity to attend this Style Collective conference. It sounds like a very educational and rewarding experience. It must have been nice to connect with friends that you have so much in common with. I hope things will get back to normal in the States so that you’ll be able to enjoy more of those opportunities. Thanks for sharing. xx

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