Under $25 Spring Pick-Me-Ups

Good morning, friends! I hope this post finds you, your families and friends all well. Today’s post features a few under $25 spring pick-me-ups and some social distancing merchandise.

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Under $25 Spring Pick-Me-Ups

My original post today was supposed to be on spring decor items. But I wanted to be mindful that so many are in financial distress right now. Posting a bunch of costly decorative goods just didn’t feel right. So, I’ve modified to instead show a few cheery little pick-me-ups that are all under $25.

Sometimes a new nail color or barrette can provide a tiny, hopeful lift when you’re feeling down. I’ve personally been using the Naked Bee hand creme to keep my hands soft and the orange blossom scent is like a vacay in tube! I purchased this book at a local shop, and have enjoyed working on one or two of the “noticing” exercises each week.

Social Distancing Pride

For the time being, this is our new normal. Take pride in knowing you are doing the right individual thing in order to protect the collective whole.

Just Grow With It

Implementing a home garden is a great way to guarantee yourself a supply of fresh herbs or vegetables in this time of doubt. The Spruce has some great tips and tutorials on indoor gardening and container gardening. Herbs and lettuce are two easy places to start as both are small-pot friendly. You can harvest them a bit more quickly than some other vegetables, too!

Wishing you good health and that we all defeat this virus soon. If you’re looking for things to do while you’re at home, this post may be of help. And as always, feel free to reach out if you want to talk or connect with someone new.

Today's post features a few under $25 spring pick-me-ups as well as some "social distancing" merchandise.  Be proud if you are doing your part!

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