CBD, Women and the Health of My Sisters

Are you curious about the many CBD products you see popping up all over the place these days? Well, I was too! I was thrilled to discover that one of my Facebook friends and a fellow high school alumna jumped into the industry many months ago. Laura Sciepko has extensive experience in the healthcare sector and most recently took on the role of Director for Green Compass CBD. Today she is graciously sharing her knowledge regarding CBD uses for women, as well as a few first-person testimonials from women that have tried and had success with CBD products.

by Laura Sciepko

If you’ve seen one ad for CBD, you’ve probably seen a hundred! In fact, the explosion of the market and the incredible influx of products was one reason I wanted to jump in and explore the benefits. But, as is the case with many of us, I was overwhelmed. My curiosity and my eagerness to try CBD was at first, a health and wellness matter.

CBD Uses for Women
The author, Laura Sciepko

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The Fascinating Root of CBD

Fitness and exercise have been focuses in my life through my 20’s, my 30’s, my 40’s, and now that I’m in my early 50’s, I’m still committed to my health and wellbeing. I live with lower back and shoulder pain from years of running, swimming, cycling, and high-intensity training. One day, I stumbled across an article on CBD. My first question, how can one plant do all of this? And, why am I seeing it for sale in the convenience store when I pay for gas?

I’m a realist, so I understood that the claims made by many of these companies were not backed by research. I decided to pursue a CBD product that could stand by its claims. That’s when I found Green Compass.

What is CBD?

Before explaining why I chose Green Compass CBD and its products, here are some facts:

  • CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis (marijuana).
  • While CBD is an essential component of medical marijuana, it is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant.
  • While CBD is a component of marijuana, by itself it does not cause a “high.”
  • According to a report from the World Health Organization, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.

How do You Find the Good Stuff

I learned that much of the CBD sold in the U.S. is actually grown in China. Through my research, I learned that the ‘best’ CBD oil has the following qualities:

  • A Certified Analysis. The product should specify the total amount of CBD content and provide certification, on each bottle, of analysis to prove strength and purity.
  • Is Sourced from Hemp Grown in Clean Soil. Hemp absorbs contaminants out of the soil, so it’s important to have clean soil to start with.
  • Is Certified Organic. Have peace of mind knowing your hemp was grown in absence of herbicides and pesticides.
  • Carbon Dioxide Extraction Environmentally friendly, CO2 preserves cannabinoids better than solvents.
  • Is sourced only from the Hemp Flower. Ariel Parts include the fibrous parts of hemp plants, which contain negligible amounts of cannabinoids.
  • Clear or Golden Color. This color indicates the highest level of processing to remove by-products.
  • Coconut Oil as its Carrier Oil. Coconut oil can carry more CBD molecules and ultimately deliver more cannabidiol to our cells for absorption.

I found that Green Compass CBD, a company founded in February 2019, in Wilmington, North Carolina, checked all of these boxes. I jumped in! And, I began to see results. My joint discomfort subsided, I slept better each night and the occasional anxious feelings I wrestled with began to subside.

How to Identify the Best CBD Oil | CBD Uses for Women
Source: Green Compass Global

Helping Others, Beginning with My Sisters:


In my experience, good friends share many things. And, I have a group of girlfriends from college, sisters, who have always trusted each other and looked to each other for help and insight.

CBD Uses for Women

The first person I thought of after getting involved with Green Compass was Jill. At 35, with three very young kids, she had bilateral ACL replacements and also bilateral meniscus tears. She was on crutches for nearly a year and to this day, lives with constant knee pain. That, coupled with full menopause at 43 years old, she was open to new treatments.

Sometimes it takes a push from one of your closest friends to get you to consider something different,” Jill told me.

For her, Green Compass CBD oil each day has been an alternative to the early menopause drugs and has helped significantly with her joint discomfort. Topicals, creams with CBD, also help with her knee pain. “Consistency with my CBD intake has helped me experience so much relief,” said Jill.

CBD Uses for Women


At about the same time I convinced Jill to consider Green Compass CBD, my friend Jane told us about her early menopause. Sometimes, it takes a group setting (and maybe a little wine), to confide about your struggles to your best friends.

Jane experienced early menopause at 39-years-old. Hot flashes, anxiety, depression, these were some of Jane’s experiences. With Jane, it took some convincing.

I loved that you had resources and information to back up your suggestion to try Green Compass,” Jane told me when I reached out to her for this blog. “Just telling me that it was a new treatment would not have been enough! I’ve been through it all!

Jane is feeling more centered, experiencing less unpredictability in terms of her mood, and sleeping well, with her daily dose of Green Compass CBD.


CBD Uses for Women

My third ‘sister’, to give Green Compass CBD a try, is Alysse. She fell ill at 33-years-old, diagnosed with encephalitis and meningitis. After a month-long coma, she woke up and had been left with epilepsy.

She tried many different medications, tried twice for brain surgery to remove the lesions on her brain, had a medical device implanted to help stop the seizures, but was still not entirely controlled.

I think Alysse will admit that she is one of the more stubborn in our group. “I always took offense when someone would suggest something that might treat my epilepsy! If a friend or relative told me that he or she read a great article on yoga, and its potential to help offset seizures, I would walk away,” Alysse told me.

I usually took the position of, ‘you don’t have any idea what I go through each day’. I was depressed by my illness and bored with everything the doctors were telling me.

Green Compass CBD helped control Alysse’s seizures, but has also helped with things like her auras (the ‘warning’ she gets before the onset of a seizure), her sleep, her overall mood, her anxiety and fear of having a seizure.

Yes, it’s been a game-changer!” Alysse told me.

Why I Think You Should Try CBD

In my experience and my research, there are hundreds, even thousands of stories like mine and those of my sisters. I would never claim any sort of treatment or cures. We can’t. There simply isn’t enough research. The effects on people who use CBD are as different as the dosing. Often times, it’s trial and error.

That said, it’s a fascinating health supplement that frankly is only beginning its journey!

About the Author

Laura Sciepko is a wife and mom, living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is an advocate with Green Compass CBD, a company that was founded in February 2019. You can reach her at lsciepko@gmail.com.

You can explore the full line of Green Compass CBD products at the following site: https://janeannquinn.greencompassglobal.com/.

NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any conditions or diseases.

Many, many thanks to Laura and her “sisters” for sharing their experiences with us today! I certainly learned a lot about the many uses for high-quality CBD and hope that you did as well. Be sure to explore more health and fitness posts HERE. Until next time…

Curious about the CBD products you see popping up all over?  Today we're talking specifically about CBD uses for women and how to source quality products. | CBD Uses for Women
Curious about the CBD products you see popping up all over?  Today we're talking specifically about CBD uses for women and how to source quality products. | CBD Uses for Women

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