3 Quick & Simple Kitchen Storage Solutions

Do you find that your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house and, therefore, one of the most difficult to keep organized? Well, today I’ve got three quick & simple kitchen storage solutions that will help take you from cluttered mess to organized success!

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January is a great month for de-cluttering and the kitchen is one of the most satisfying rooms to get organized! I tend to chip away at kitchen organization over the course of a week, doing a little each night while prepping dinner. Empty each drawer/cupboard, wipe it down, toss anything no longer needed and put everything back. Clearing a half day on the weekend and doing it all in one shot works just as well – your choice!

Baking Storage

Once you implement this simple trick, you won’t know how you lived without it! Store cookie sheets, jelly roll pans, drying racks, pizza stones, cutting boards, large platters and more using an upright divided wire rack. It makes it so easy to both see and pull out the right baking tool. No more wrestling with stacked piles to reach the broiler tray stuck on the bottom!

Please excuse my well-loved bake wear!

Pantry Storage

These Sistema Klip It clear storage containers are just the thing to get your pantry in order! You’ll find them most useful for storing items that typically come in bags and that are, therefore, hard to store and stack. I personally use them for flour, sugar, rice, coffee, and oatmeal. The smaller sizes are great for nuts or dried fruits.

Photo Credit: Sistema via Amazon.com

They come in a fantastic array of sizes and are mostly in a square shape, easy for arranging and stacking in the pantry. The snap-lock system assures that your dry goods will stay fresh and clean.

Cabinet & Fridge Storage

Lazy Susan’s aren’t just useful in corner cabinets for spices as shown below! You can also use them in your fridge so that those jam jars, salsas, sauces, and salad dressings don’t get lost in the back. Or how about under the sink to keep cleaning supplies more accessible?

To take things one step further, organizationally, set up two (or more) Lazy Susan’s for spices. I use one for cooking/savory spices and another for baking/sweet spices. Saves a bit of time as you’ll always know what carousel to look at for a specific ingredient.

BONUS Storage Hack!

Who wants to see a grubby sponge sitting in the sink? Not me! Add one of these handy trays to the faux panel that sits right under your sink to store your sponges, drain stopper and more. You can actually use these on any faux drawer panel in your kitchen! If you have several, think of one for BBQ tools or longer serving utensils.

Shop Quick & Simple Kitchen Storage Solutions

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Take control of your kitchen with these three quick & simple storage solutions that will help take you from cluttered mess to organized success! #kitchenstorage #homeorganization
Take control of your kitchen with these three quick & simple storage solutions that will help take you from cluttered mess to organized success! #kitchenstorage #homeorganization

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  1. I like the idea of lazy susan in the pantry. i use wire baskets at moment the lazy susan may be easier to manuever and find everything. i put a few items in my wish list from Amazon.

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