Pass the Cigars, It’s a BOY!

Come meet the newest member of the family and the latest addition to the Natty Gal team! If you follow me (and my stories) on Instagram, you may have already gotten a sneak peak.

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Introducing Dolce!

Bichon Frise puppy
Taking his horse to the Old Town Road!

Keeping with the theme we set with our previous dog, Pucci, Dolce is named after the Italian designer Domenico Dolce of Dolce & Gabbana fame. The name also means “sweet” in Italian. Which he definitely is!

Fast Stats:

  • Height: 6″
  • Length: 8″
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Nicknames: Runty (he was the smallest in the litter), Green (he wore, and was identified with, a green collar at the breeders), Pikachu (nickname given by one of the little boys next door)
  • Interests: being outside, chewing stuff, running around in circles
Bichon Frise puppy | Life with a new puppy | Calm a new puppy
He loves this SmartPet comfort toy with heartbeat!

Dolce is a male Bichon Frise puppy and will be 10 weeks old tomorrow.  We’ve had him for two weeks and have been having a great time getting to know each other. Mom and dad have been extra sleepy as we’d somewhat forgotten how exhausting the puppy phase is! We’ve been taking shifts on night duty which basically means that one of us feels great and one of us is tired/crabby every day. It’s also led to a few conversations like this:

Natty Guy: I’m gonna hop out and pick up some lunch. Panera OK?

Me: Sounds good, I’ll do a pick two with….

Natty Guy: Oh, hold on. It’s only 9. Guess we have to wait. #goodtimes

Aside from working on house-breaking and sleeping through the night, we’re doing a little basic training like sit and walking on a leash (much like walking a chipmunk at this stage). He’s made some new BFF’s in the two young boys that live next door and we look forward to starting puppy classes and socializing with other fur friends soon!

The Next Chapter

I won’t lie. I have had some tough moments missing my Pucci. But having a new pup is also bringing back lots of good memories. We especially enjoy noting and discussing the strange differences between the two of them!

Pucci would never roll or lie on his back. Dolce is on his back all the time, even sleeps that way. Pucci was half poodle and had some smarts. Dolce? 100% Bichon and the jury’s out. Pucci didn’t really love nature. He’d go in the grass (as long as it wasn’t wet) but preferred concrete. And if he stepped on an acorn cap or something, forget about it – outside time was over! Dolce loves rolling in the grass, digging in dirt, flinging mulch, etc. Pucci took some time to acclimate to his crate and pet carrier. Dolce immediately took to both (thank you, thank you, thank you). Pucci loved food and treats of all varieties. Dolce loves his kibble but seemingly nothing else, despite the dozens of dozens of treats we’ve bought. Not even peanut butter!

So, the next chapter begins! Looking forward to watching this little guy grow and a new set of fun adventures.

Bichon Frise puppy
Cold nose, warm heart
Bichon Frise puppy
Ready to play!

Until next time…keep cultivating that simple, stylish and satisfying life! As for me, I’m going to be trying to sneak in a nap!

10 thoughts on “Pass the Cigars, It’s a BOY!”

  1. Oh… puppy love!!!! Word of warning, hide your shoes, especially they expensive ones…. they like them the best. But with that sweet face…… He will have you wrapped around his little paw in no time

    1. Thanks Regan! Shoe hiding is a top priority – especially once he gets full run of the house. A ways off still but getting myself prepared. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh my Gosh!!!! Sweetness Overload!!! He is adorable! But yes puppies are alot of work! We have one and its a whole new ballgame after having senior dogs for so Long!

    1. Thanks Carrie and congrats on your new pup as well! Yes, those first few months are challenging and a big change from “established” dogs. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! Really needed to hear it today – the cumulative effect is starting to take a toll. Luckily he is very sweet and starting to love cuddling a bit. Knows the way to mama’s heart!

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