Let’s Get Acquainted: 25 Random Things About Me

It’s been a long time since we had a little get to know you session! And since we just passed the one year anniversary of my Natty Gal rebranding, I thought it could be a good time to share some random fun facts.

25 Random Things About Me | Getting to Know Each Other
  1. My Enneagram is Type 5 / 5w4. I just recently learned about Enneagram typing and feel my result is pretty accurate. The descriptions here are very brief overviews, for a more in-depth look at Type 5, read this.
  2. My Myers-Briggs type is ISFP. Results are from many years ago but I still feel it’s pretty accurate, especially the introvert and perceiver categories.
  3. I scored average in all areas of my Strong Inventory except for Enterprising, where I scored moderately high. Results also from many years ago and I’m not sure how they’d hold up if I retook this today. Fun fact: I also scored Very High in Domestic Arts. In the era of women’s rights, how embarrassing is that?
  4. Was the last thing you read digitally or in print? Digital/Kindle – I just finished What You Did. Really enjoyed it. Find me on GoodReads if you like!
  5. What’s your “Death Row Meal”? Lots of tastes of all my favorites. Pizza. Real shrimp and grits. Mitchell’s S’mores ice cream. A perfectly ripe fresh peach. A cheeseburger. Bar mix with sesame sticks and cheddar crackers in it. The cheese board at L’Albatros. Bacon. Salted caramel with dark chocolate. A PB ball from high school. Am sure I can think of more.
  6. In the summer, would you rather sleep with the window open or blast the AC? AC – have seasonal allergies and think outdoor noises would keep me up if the windows were open.
  7. Do you sleep with a top sheet? Why or why not? Yes. I’m not really sure why, just always have. Sometimes just the top sheet if it’s warm in the room.
  8. How do you take your coffee? With a light-moderate amount of cream. But can drink it black if I have to.
  9. What was it like growing up as an only child? I enjoyed it as I didn’t know any different! At home I had friends in the neighborhood and at school and on vacation, while introverted, I was pretty friendly and always managed to meet people wherever we were. Some of those I kept in “pen-pal” contact with for many years!
  10. What’s the best gift you ever received? My miniature French poodle Taffy that I got for Christmas when I was 10. A total surprise that went on to be one of my best companions for almost 20 years!
  11. What are you most proud of in the last year? That I’ve had a year of continually progressive month-over-month blog growth!
  12. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with the money? Honestly, this is so boring, but I don’t think I’d do much different than what I do today. I like options and, to me, money means options. But I wouldn’t feel guilty about any little indulgences!
  13. Do you believe in second chances? Yes, people make mistakes, people can change. However, there is a limit to how many “second chances” people can get.
  14. Are you an organ donor? I was not until my husband donated a kidney and then I realized how important it was to other people and changed my driver’s license (around 2009).
  15. Where do you get your news? I usually watch the NBC nightly national news and BBC. Also get news from a variety of international agencies on my Twitter feed.
  16. What, if anything, do you think happens after death? I’d really love to believe there is an afterlife where you can see loved ones (including pets) again. I won’t rule it out. But the older I get, the more I’m inclined to think you just cease. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
  17. What’s on your bucket list? Lots of travel destinations and I’d like to ride a mechanical bull. Getting a bit long in the tooth for that and am wishing I would have thought of it back in my 20’s!
  18. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Probably Italy or the Provence region of France.
  19. If you see a puddle on the ground, do you walk around it or over it? Mostly around unless it’s small enough for me to step over cleanly.
  20. If you could have a super power, what would it be? This totally falls in to the category of be careful what you wish for, but it would be to read minds/know what people are really thinking as opposed to what they say.
  21. Have you ever met anyone famous? I met Michael Stanley (only NEO people will know who this is) at Beachwood Place as a teen. I met Robert Plant at Country Kitchen in Broadview Heights after a Honeydrippers concert at the Coliseum but people think I’m lying about this and I’m no longer in contact with my other friend/witness from that night. But he’s super distinctive looking and it was him. I met Brian Austin Green (catch him on the new BH 90210) at Senor Frog’s in Independence back when it was there. I was on flights with both Sherman Hemsley and Dog the Bounty Hunter. And I saw Tory Spelling while she was filming Deadly Pursuits in Charleston, SC although did not actually speak to her in any way.
  22. Do you trust your own memory? Why or why not? No. I have a pretty poor memory overall. There are some images/memories that stand out very vibrantly and I feel confident of those but there’s a lot that I feel gets lost in my head somewhere.
  23. What’s your earliest memory? Getting sick in our car on the ferry over to the Outer Banks. Would have to ask my mom but think I was two. Remember the dark blue seats and crying because I felt sick.
  24. What, if anything, would make you walk out in the middle of a movie? Boredom. I walked out of Groundhog Day. Just couldn’t take it. And I believe one other movie but I can’t recall now what it was.
  25. What’s the silliest argument you’ve ever been in? In high school I had a silly argument with some friends regarding how a horse runs – the two front legs moving in unison at the same time? Or do the right front/left back move together and vice versa?

Did you learn anything unexpected? Tell me something about you!

Until next time…keep cultivating a simple, stylish, and satisfying life!

Let's Get Acquainted!  Today I'm sharing 25 random things about me, including my #enneagram type!
Let's Get Acquainted!  Today I'm sharing 25 random things about me, including my #enneagram type!

Author: Betsy Ramsey

Betsy Ramsey is the author of Natty Gal. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, she now lives there with her husband and Bichon-Frise, Dolce. A mindful fashion & capsule wardrobe enthusiast, she travels extensively, visiting 56 countries to date. Betsy is committed to helping others live their most fulfilling life!

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  1. Love this! Thx for sharing.

    Should you find yourself on death row, I’ll hook you up w an official high school PB ball… I have the recipe from the lunch ladies😃

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