Hello, Halotherapy! What You Need to Know About Salt Spas

You may have seen some ads for salt spas popping up in your area recently. Today I’m sharing all you need to know before a visit and am giving you a sneak peak into my experience at Salty, a fantastic new spa in Northeast Ohio. Be sure to check out the special discount offer inside!

What’s Halotherapy

Halotherapy is an alternative treatment that involves breathing in salty air. It can assist in the treatment of respiratory and skin conditions (allergies, COPD, psoriasis, eczema). While using salt as a form of treatment has been around for millennia (think back to ancient Egyptians & Greeks), the first mention of salt spas appeared in the 12th century, referencing a site in Poland.

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We wanted a place for people to unload, relax and break free from the everyday hustle. We hope people can come and heal from the many benefits of salt.

Candice Zinner, Salty Owner

My Salty Experience

For some time I’ve been wanting to try a salt spa and, as luck would have it, I received a gift certificate to Salty for my birthday this year! When I arrived for my appointments, Samantha gave me a great tour of the facility and patiently answered all my “first-timer” questions! The reception area also houses a sizable retail space filled with dreamy-looking salt and spa related products.

Samantha showed me to a locker where I could store my shoes and bag, then it was off to the salt cave. It is beautiful – definite wow-factor points here! The cave at Salty boasts over 11 tons of salt ranging from the loose grains on the floor, to set blocks that form the structure and free-cut blocks that add amazing visual interest.

One of the features that sets Salty apart from other salt spas in the area is the graduation tower (shown on the back wall of photo below). The tower disperses salt into the air by running salinated water over a series of birch branches. This suffusion creates the cave’s unique micro-climate, something akin to the way the air feels at the beach or by a marsh.

Graduation Tower Birch Branch Detail

I settled in to one of the zero-gravity chairs and was covered with a thick weighted blanket. No worries, ladies, the room is cool enough that you won’t be steaming under the blanket. Soft music played and that, coupled with the sound of the water trickling through the birch branches, was enough to send me into a light doze. After my session I was definitely feeling calm and rested but there was even more to come!

“Salty” Selfie!

My next experience was the ionic foot detox which uses an ionizing detoxification system that pulls toxins from the body. Did you know the feet have the largest concentration of and largest sized pores on the body? It was another soothing experience and post treatment I felt more alert and fresh.

The Foot Oasis

Salty’s Services

  • Salt Cave: A wow experience! The benefits of salt inhalation in a very calming and restful environment. Great for those that would like a spa experience but don’t like the idea of being touched/massages. 45-minute session.
  • Salt Booth: A great option for those short on time or those needing adjustable levels of salt concentration for specific conditions. 15-minute session.
  • Infrared Sauna: A dry, hot environment that helps expel toxins from the body. 20-minute session.
  • Ionic Foot Detox: An ion-based method of drawing toxins from the body. 30-minute session.
  • Detox Foot Soak: A salt-based method of drawing toxins from the body. 30-minute session.

Visit Salty

Salty is located at 102 E. Park Street in Chardon, OH 44024. They can be reached by phone at 440-286-SALT (7258) or by email at contact@visitsalty.com. Salty is open daily from 10-5 with extended hours offered on Wednesday, Friday (8 PM) and Saturday (6 PM). Be sure to follow Salty on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest offers!

1/2 off a cave session when
you like either the Salty Instagram or Facebook page
(Mention the offer when booking)

Salt Spas FAQ

What should I wear to a salt spa?

You can wear regular street clothes while at the salt spa. I’d recommend something loose/comfortable to enhance your enjoyment of the experience. You’ll remove your shoes in the salt rooms but may be given foot covers by the provider. If you opt for a hot sauna treatment, wear or bring something light-weight like shorts and tank top.

Do you tip at a salt spa?

While always at an individual’s discretion, the consensus is that tipping at a salt spa is not expected/required unless you receive a massage as part of your service (massage is offered at some salt spas ).

Is there anything I need to do before or after treatment?

1) Arrive 15 minutes early. You’ll want a chance to tour the facility and store your things prior to your treatment. 2) Try to hydrate a bit more than usual both before and after your appointment. The salt can be drying and increasing fluids helps expel toxins from the body, a process that is jump-started by the treatments.

Are salt spas safe?

Salt spas are safe for adults and children. Even babies and expectant mothers can participate without risk. NOTE: Natty Gal is not a physician and if you have any particular or unusual concerns, please get advice from your doctor before pursuing treatment.

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Author: Betsy Ramsey

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