The Truth About Skincare Products From TJ Maxx

Today I am excited to introduce a new guest author, Lauren Reed! She is a senior at Ohio University, studying journalism and strategic communication. She submitted the fantastic post below, sharing her experiences with skincare products from TJ Maxx. I learned a lot from it and hope you enjoy it!

Within the past five years, consumers have developed a new found love and respect for their body and mind both internally and externally. These passions can range from developing a new interest in healthy eating, yoga, meditation, skin care and more.

Skincare Products from TJ Maxx

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Let’s Talk Skincare Products From TJ Maxx

Growing up, I never truly paid attention to the difference between products made for your face and those made for your body. To me, the practical way of thinking was that my face is apart of my body therefore there shouldn’t be too much of a difference.

My skepticism for skincare products grew rapidly when I would compare the products that my favorite celebrities used to the actual price of the product. I like to consider myself very thrifty and spending over $300 for a line of products that may work for my skin type wasn’t exactly ideal.

I decided to do what I normally do when I don’t want to pay full price for quality products: go to TJ Maxx.

Normally, every trip to TJ Maxx is something that I look forward to. I always end up buying way more than I expected but somehow I’m alright with that every single time. This time, my trip to TJ Maxx was dedicated fully toward buying facial products and nothing more.

I did some skincare research before my trip to the store and I knew that the order of products is very important in general because you will tend to see a more noticeable change in the appearance of your skin.

#1 Cleanser

My cleansers are the only products that were not purchased at TJ Maxx. I have been using these two cleansers for some time now and they work well with the other products I purchased.

I have read on multiple sites that typically in the morning, it is best to simply rinse off your face with warm water. Using warm water opens up your pores more when compared to using cold water. I like to use water in the morning to prep my face for everything else that is to follow.

Skincare Products from TJ Maxx

Before bed I normally use two different cleaners. I am currently using Noxzema and Burt’s Bees Deep Cleansing Cream. I like to use both because I have some trouble spots on my forehead that I think the Noxzema is able to take care of specifically.

Once I finish with that I move to the Burt’s Bees cleanser for more coverage. The Burt’s Bees cleanser is really great because it is 99.9% natural and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. 

#2 Toner

For my toner, I picked up Humphreys Facial Toner with witch hazel. I chose this one because as I mentioned before I have some trouble spots on my forehead and I know that witch hazel works wonders for acne and inflammation.

I have been using this product for about two weeks and I have noticed such a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin! The witch hazel is rose water based and it has helped the inflammation around my under eyes dramatically.

I have also noticed that it made my forehead smooth and clear which was a huge plus in my book! I would definitely recommend this toner to anyone regardless of skin type because it is made to balance every skin type’s pH levels.

#3 Antioxidant Serum

I have never used a face serum before so I had very little guidance going into the selection process. I was told that the serum should be filled with antioxidants in order to see the full benefits. I also heard that a lot of serums and skincare products in general contain hyaluronic acid which isn’t the best for skin. Going into this I wanted to find products that were somewhat organic so that I knew I was getting the best for my skin.

I bought Skin Science’s Facial Serum with Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E. I’ve been using this product for about two weeks and I really like the way it makes my skin look. I feel as if I can visibly see my face become more plump in a good way.

#4 Eye Cream

The thought of using eye cream always confused me. I have naturally dark circles under my eyes and have throughout my whole life. My biggest concern with my undereyes wasn’t so much the darkness, it was the puffiness. With the serum I listed above, I have noticed that the puffiness is no more. When choosing an eye cream I had a lot of expectations.

I picked up Age Harmony’s eye cream with Retinol. This product is marketed for women who are over 45 years old, but I figured I’ll give it a shot – why not?

After two weeks of using this product I haven’t seen any drastic differences yet like I have with the serum and the toner listed above. However, I have noticed that the skin around my eyes does look tighter! I figured that this slight change is probably from the retinol that is in the product.

#5 Moisturizer

For my moisturizer, I picked up the L’Oreal Day and Night Collagen Moisture Filler. First of all, I LOVE this product! It smells so good and can be easily applied. The texture of it is very creamy and feels extremely light on my face.

Since I only use the eye cream for the surrounding areas near my eyes, I use the L’Oreal moisturizer everywhere else. After using this product my skin feels so smooth. I can honestly say that I see and feel a huge difference.

#6 Sunscreen

I have very fair skin naturally. When I was growing up I would always love to layout under the sun but then I would get burnt. I would patiently wait the days following to see my skin go from the red burn to a somewhat bronzed glow.

Now that I am older and pay more attention to my body, I realized how bad that is for your skin. When I started this journey of taking care of my skin I had read on a variety of platforms that the use of sunscreen is vital for everyday activities including those performed inside.

I decided to pick up Neutrogena sunscreen that has an SPF of 55 and is advertised as being lightweight. I only use sunscreen in the morning because there is no use in wearing it to bed at night. 

Skincare Products from TJ Maxx

After a couple of weeks of implementing this product into my now normal skincare routine, I feel as if there is more coverage on my face. I don’t have to worry about attracting harmful rays in everyday activities which is a nice feeling.

My skin overall has looked more plump and I attribute it to the consistent routine of skincare products that I have recently added to my daily regime.

I encourage consumers to do research of their own to determine which skin type they have and which products will look and work best for their specific type.


All of the items I bought from TJ Maxx were significantly marked down from the original price I linked to throughout this post.

I would definitely recommend buying skincare products from TJ Maxx. The only thing I would tell consumers to do differently is definitely research the products before they buy them! I got extremely lucky by finding products that all work really well for my skin type.

Other than that, enjoy your next trip to TJ Maxx and be sure to stop down the skincare aisle for some great finds that will greatly impact the appearance of your skin!

Lauren Reed is currently a senior at Ohio University studying journalism – strategic communication with two minors in marketing and retail merchandising and fashion product development. She loves all things fashion, design and lifestyle and thoroughly enjoys writing about them!

Lauren hopes to land a job in a fashion-driven city where she can work for a fashion and lifestyle public relations firm. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, reading and hanging out with friends from school. To learn more about Lauren, feel free to visit her online portfolio or read more of her work on her company’s blog.

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