Sunset Shades or Soft Sands? S/S 2019 Color Trends

You may have heard by now that Living Coral was named the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year. That seems fitting as it’s a color that coordinates well with the two biggest color trends of the spring season: sunset shades and soft sands.

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Sunset Shades

For those of you that look best in warm colors, you’ll love this season! All those fantastic brick reds, fiery oranges and burnished yellows are front and center stage this year. Deep purples and fucshias are also making an appearance. The looks below highlight just some of these tones that were seen on the runway:

These bolder shades can be somewhat intimidating! If you’d rather dabble than try wearing them full-on, look to incorporate some of the shades via a handbag, shoe or accessory. Another great way to try this look is with swimwear or a layering piece like a cardigan. Still bold but not quite as scary as a head-to-toe look. Below are some of my favorite finds in these shades:

Soft Sands

Light, monochromatic outfits in the summertime have always just screamed wealth and elegance to me; conjuring up images of weekends in the Hamptons or sailing through the Greek isles! Check out a few examples of this look from the various spring Fashion Weeks.

Finding the right tone for your skin is critical for pulling off this look! Some of us look great in stark white, others fare better in cream or tan tones. Keep your shoes and accessories in the same color family when styling a monochromatic outfit. Pops of color just don’t work. Match your shade exactly from head-to-toe or combine variations of the same shade for a bit more interest. Either way, you’ll look like a $1M!

With a strong core closet, you may already have the pieces you need to assemble a monochromatic look. If not, I won’t dissuade you from spending some money here. These pieces are so neutral and versatile they don’t really fall under my normal recommendation of saving on trend items. Because these pieces are so light in color, the stain removal guide from this post may come in handy!

But I Need Cool Colors!

Never fear, cool girls! There are a few great options for you. Namely: Pink Peacock, Aspen Gold, Princess Blue and Sweet Lilac. Incorporate some of these shades and you’ll be on trend. If you’d like to try the monochromatic, soft shades trend, try altering the tones slightly to pale cool greys as opposed to yellow-based beiges.

Cool Grey Shades

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  1. Coral is a beautiful color and I am so happy to hear that it is the color of 2019! I can’t wait to add a few items of this color to my wardrobe, it will just be a game changer especially since I am all about neutrals! I hope you had a great weekend and happy Monday!
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