How to Build a Clothing Care & Maintenance Kit

The start of a new season is a great time to show your clothing, shoes and handbags a little extra love. Today we’re talking clothing care and maintenance kits – how to build one and how to best use the items within it. Your investment items, in particular, are begging you to read this!

Clothing Care and Maintenance | Caring for Expensive Clothes | Stain Removal Guide | How to Get Out Stains

Many of the things on this list are staples you likely already have – an iron, a lint brush, etc. However, there a few little gadgets that may surprise you!

Clothing Care and Maintenance | Caring for Expensive Clothes | Stain Removal Guide | How to Get Out Stains

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For Clothing Care

For keeping clothes wrinkle free, I prefer a good steam iron and commercial grade steamer. If a commercial grade steamer is more than you want to store or spend, this Black and Decker hand steamer gets great reviews!

Lint brushes, sweater shavers and cashmere combs keep your clothes looking crisp and polished. The sticky-paper roller style of lint brush is still my favorite but I’ve got a couple of the non-disposable type as well. This sweater shaver is the one that I use and a cashmere comb like this one can be great for your more delicate knits.

For all those closed pockets, skirt pleats and annoying tags – use a seam ripper. You are much less likely to tear your garment than if using scissors.

A crochet hook? Yes! You’re probably wondering why this item is on the list. Well, have you ever gotten a snag in one of your favorite sweaters? Simply use the crochet hook to pull the loose threads back to the wrong side of the sweater so that it no longer shows!

A can of anti-static spray is useful to have on hand, particularly in the drier winter months. If the scent of Static Guard is too strong for you, try this unscented brand.

For Shoe/Handbag Care

A magic eraser sponge is fantastic for removing scuff marks from white leather tennis shoes or other lighter colored leather items. For spots on suede, a suede eraser and brush do the trick. Simply rub the eraser on the spot until it disappears and then lift the nap using the brush.

I give my leather goods a thorough cleaning at the start or end of each season with this leather cleaner . If needed, I’ll condition the piece with this leather conditioner. Then I re-waterproof with a product like Kiwi Camp Dry.

A leather hole punch comes in handy if you need to adjust an ankle strap on a sandal. I also use it when I’m between spaces on belts.

For more tips on caring for your shoes and boots, check out this post: Caring For Your Investment Footwear!

For Stain Removal

The ability to act quickly and know what treatments remove which types of stains is of utmost importance when it comes to stain removal. Which is why I created this handy-dandy Stain Removal Guide for you! A similar one is tacked to the inside of my laundry room cupboard so I can refer to it quickly when needed.

Most stain removal goods are somewhat standard household products that you should have no trouble finding at the grocery, drug store or home improvement store.

Clothing Care and Maintenance | Caring for Expensive Clothes | Stain Removal Guide | How to Get Out Stains
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Until next time…keep cultivating a simple, stylish, and satisfying life!

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