Home Office Makeover Room Reveal

It’s taken a bit longer to put this post together than I had originally anticipated but finally, the office space is DONE and I’m so excited to share my home office makeover with you!

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YOU Are Worth It! 3 Ways to Invest in Yourself

Ways That I Invest in Myself | Self Care | Invest in Yourself | Get a More Satisfying Life

Such a terrific quote from Warren Buffett!  But do you live it?  And if so, how?  Today I’m sharing three sure-fire ways to invest in yourself, all of which have led me to a richer and more satisfying life.

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It’s Finally Fall! OOTD

Cider, donuts and pumpkins have been filling the streets of Northeast Ohio for the past few weeks but the weather?  Distinctly un-fall like!  That all changed this last weekend when the temps took a nose dive and I could finally break out a fall outfit.

Fall Outfit | Fall OOTD | Cute Fall Outfits | Fall Sweaters | Warm Sweaters

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