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Thin is In….ThinOptics Review

Attention those of you in the 40+ crowd!  How many of you need reading glasses?  Hmm, quite a few.  How often do you forget your glasses at home or lose them while you’re out?  Right.  As I thought.  Well, I’ve got just the solution for you – ThinOptics!

ThinOptics Review | Cute Readers | Lightweight Readers | Compact Readers

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My near vision was always pretty good.  In fact, I prided myself on reaching 50 with no need for reading glasses.  However, after I got my LASIK distance correction last year, my near vision started to take a downturn.  If I’m in a bright area, and the print contrast is high, things are usually OK.  But in dark restaurants, with low-contrast print or when my eyes are tired or dry, I do now need reading glasses.

Natty Guy was out to lunch one day with a co-worker who was sporting a pair of ThinOptics and decided to get me a pair.  They are wonderful!  There are several models available but the one I have (the Pod) attaches to the back of your cell phone. It’s super slim (about the thickness of a dime) and you then always have a pair with you when you need them.  NOTE: The Pod model is incompatible with wireless chargers.

ThinOptics Review | Cute Readers | Lightweight Readers | Compact Readers
ThinOptics Pod attached to my Samsung Galaxy phone.
ThinOptics Review | Cute Readers | Lightweight Readers | Compact Readers
So thin and lightweight!

It is so convenient to have these right along with my phone.  To wear, simply place them over the bridge of your nose.  They’ll grip and stay put even through moderate degrees of head shaking.  NOTE: If you have a flat bridge these may slip.  I personally find they stay put just fine.

ThinOptics Review | Cute Readers | Lightweight Readers | Compact Readers

Other models include:

  • The flashcard – a model about the same size and just slightly thicker than a credit card that you can store in your wallet
  • The key chain – a model with a key loop on the end
  • The pod (my version) that you can either attach to your phone or another object or tuck free-standing into even the smallest clutch
  • The phone case – actual iPhone or Galaxy case with a slot for the glasses (included) to be tucked in
  • The Milano – a traditional free standing reading glass just much lighter and smaller than those typically seen elsewhere

Prices range from $20-50, depending upon model.  Most frames are available in 6 color options and most prescriptions range from +1.00 to +2.50.  The Milano options are slightly more limited.  If you are looking for a case with a bit more “wow”, check out the designer collection for over 100 colorful options at $29.95.

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